Ageless and Well


 The writing on this site is directed towards women who are aged 50 and over who have a very strong desire and drive to live with joy, and be ageless and well, in mind, spirit and body.




We are the Boomers



We are children of the sixties – and we’ve seen a lot.
We remember what rock and roll was like before the corporations.
Our coming of age was about flower power, free love (and birth control.)
Our mythology is Woodstock and missions to the moon.


We are not aging like the generations before us.


We are questioning (or rejecting) the concept of retirement, of doing ‘what you are supposed to do’ once you reach a certain age. And on this one, we are writing the road map as we go.


And yet...


we are also at the age where big life changes are looming
or are already here in how we live and work:

it could be downsizing, care-giving – or both – or changes in our own health.
We are at a point of taking stock of what is, and isn’t, working in our lives.


We share a desire :


to learn,
challenge our mind, body and spirit,
and continue to do what we love —
for the rest of our lives.



We want to offer our best,



keep our hearts open. and find grace and beauty around us.

Sometimes we will fall short of the mark, even if it is in our own eyes only.


We take inspiration


in the amazing creative energy of some of those who are coming of age today;

other times we find it in remembering the fearless people of our own youth.


We are ageless and well.



We are finding our voices.

We are reclaiming our wildness.



So hop on in!


Where would you like to explore?

Are you interested in wellness?
How about movement and health?
Downsizing and minimalism?

Check the links below.


Thoughts and stories about becoming ageless through finding grace, beauty and balance, keeping our hearts open as we figure out how to be healthy without succumbing to the fear machines.

Thoughts and stories about how we’ve made the body we live in, and how we can change it cell by cell, just through conscious movement.

Thoughts and stories about living more deliberately and getting out of the rat-race of consumption – and finding ourselves in the process.

"You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you."

Isadora Duncan

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Core Rescue

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Shopping for Food to Get More Movement

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Train for your Standing Workstation.

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