Abundant Thoughts

What is abundance? My definition is simple: it is examining and clarifying my essential core values, discovering what is important and valuable for me, letting go of anything that does not represent the essence of who I am, honouring the preciousness of the gift I have been given in being my unique self. I experience abundance through how I express my essential values. I know that sounds enigmatic, but really it is about how I think and the choices I make. It is the same for each of us.

Here is an interesting exercise. A popular law of attraction exercise is to write an abundance list. Does this list express your essential values or is it about attracting material goods and ‘stuff’. (I’m not saying there is anything wrong with material goods. They are essential to our survival!) But try this: to get to a deeper sense of what abundance means to you, define what it isn’t.

Make a list of what is not abundance. Just allow yourself to write down whatever comes to you, without wondering if it makes sense. For instance:

Abundance is not:

  • scarcity thinking
  • defining one’s self through possessions
  • holding on to things and ideas after they are no longer needed or useful
  • being wasteful
  • being neglectful
  • taking things for granted
  • automatic
  • available to everyone

In your list you might uncover some limiting core beliefs. I’ll talk more about this in my next post.

What are your essential values? What choices do you make?


We Come From Beauty

…we aren’t beautiful or attractive because of how we stack up against a runway model–we’re beautiful because we came from beauty, so we must be the same as what we came from. All labels such as unattractive, ugly, homely, and unbecoming (as well as pretty, attractive, handsome, and beautiful) are judgments designed to compare one person to another using artificial standards set up by ego-dominated people and organizations.

Living in-Spirit means that we see our body with all of its unique characteristics and feel thankful for the perfect temple that’s temporarily housing our true “primary existence.”

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Inspiration, Your Ultimate Calling

It is normal and natural to compare ourselves to others. But it is wise to be discerning about the source of your comparisons. Are they models or actors? If so, how much of what you see is real? Take a look behind the scenes at an award winning documentary made by Dove made called evolution. ?  It won 2 Cannes Advertising Awards for its powerful portrayal of unrealistic views of beauty in the media.   Click on this link Evolution to see the “Dove” move.

What is beauty? What is your idea of true/real beauty? I had a friend, a guy, who used to say, everyone is good looking. I must say as a young woman in my twenties I was not prepared for this point of view and I found it almost shocking, but at the same time profound. It stuck with me over the years and I read that message again, a few days ago in “Inspiration” and it reminded me.



Connecting to your Energy Body

What is it like to experience your energy body from a medical model as well as a spiritual one. Neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor shares her incredible journey through a Stroke, and back to wellness again.

Learning Styles

How do You learn?  Are you:

  • Visual
  • Verbal
  • Aural
  • Physical or Kinesthetic
  • Logical or Spatial
  • Social
  • Soliltary
  • Musical


Brian Walsh in Unleashing Your Brilliance, calls these learning styles “learning intelligences’. He says,

Most of us are a mixture of all the intelligences, usually displaying a particular aptitude for a few. Occasionally, there are cases where people develop a single strong intelligence without developing others, such as the character payed by Dustin Hoffman in the role of the so-called idiot savant – in the movie Rainman, who displayed pure logical-mathematical intelligence.

Curious about my own learning intelligence, I took this on-line test at Learning Styles Assessment. In this test you get not only your predominant learning style (mine is verbal) but your strength in all categories. You can then go to a page that gives you more information on how to work with each learning style.

My Score

  • Visual 10/20
  • Aural 15/20
  • Verbal 18/20
  • Physical 12/20
  • Logical 9/20
  • Social 13/20
  • Soliltary 15/20


The only real surprise is that I did not score higher on visual learning which I relate to being an artist and appreciating beauty. Actually what they call visual, I would call spatial and includes such things as reading maps and sense of direction. I am one of those people who get off an elevator and do not know which way to turn instinctively. I have to use other skills to learn it such as verbal cues.

Try the test out and share your results. Where there any surprises? Did you have an aha! moment of why you are good at certain things, or react in particular ways? I find this subject fascinating and would love to have a discussion with you about it!


Triskells: Journey of Life

One of my favourite symbols is the triskell. A triskell is a design made up of three spirals, or triple spirals. The spirals have different meanings in different traditions:

  • In the Goddess tradition, the triple spirals represent the three stages of womanhood: maiden, mother and crone.
  • The Celts saw the journey of birth, death and rebirth in the changing directions of the spirals.
  • In Christian tradition, the triskell represented the holy trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


One Tribe

All of Humanity is my Beloved Family

We are one tribe. I cherish our unity. We are united by our suffering and by our joy. One life flows through all life. One heart holds every heart. The loss I sustain today is the beginning of a larger, wiser and kinder tomorrow. It is a part of the dignity of those we lose that go forward bearing them as loving treasures in our hearts. I cherish those whom I carry in my heart. I honor their thoughts, their wisdom, their guidance, and their support. I bring them forward through my actions towards the future they empowered.


~ Julia Cameron, Blessings: Prayers and Dedications for a Heartful Life

This blessing by Julia Cameron is beautiful and poignant, and especially good for placing on a healing altar. What I love about this blessing is that it does not separate me from the person who is requesting healing. We are one. Today I support you; tomorrow it may be your turn to support me. This blessing also speaks to those who are grieving the pain of loss, perhaps the death of a loved one. But in our hearts their essence carries on: they go forward as ‘loving treasure in our hearts’.


Oprah is my Hero

I don’t watch television – (‘Frasier’ was just finishing, that’s how long ago it was) so I don’t get to see much of the Oprah television show.  Clearly I’ve been missing out because when I tuned in to watch Eckart Tolle discuss A New Earth with Oprah, she said something I thought was profound on the first chapter segment (and she has every week since).

That first night she was sharing her concern that she couldn’t have a book as spiritually deep as A New Earth as her book club selection. She said:

Wait a minute, I’m Oprah. I can do anything I want.

Well of course she can. She certainly has the resources to make that possible. I found myself thinking about what she said and it struck me as having a deep inner truth. In a sense we are all ‘Oprahs’. In our universe we are the ones deciding what happens. Well, much of it anyway. Think of all the decisions — some small and others large — you make every day.

The question is, are you making these decisions consciously or are you getting caught up in ‘shoulds’ that lead you to go down a path that doesn’t support you?  It is very easy to get caught up in our own self-created dramas.

For example this afternoon I was putting together an outline for an upcoming course but noticed there was little enthusiasm around it. It was almost like checking something off my to-do list. In trying to figure out what was off balance, I realised it was the delivery method that was off, not the content.

A light bulb suddenly went on: “Wait a minute, I’m Deborah. I can do anything I want!” With this realization all the excitement, enthusiasm and the desire to serve — the life force — flowed back into my project.

It isn’t until we experience what we do not want that we create the room for what we really want to flow into our lives.

We then must give ourselves permission to go in this new direction. So thank you Oprah for the message. I truly heard it.

For more thought provoking material like this, I have three eCourses available here. And, if for some reason you’ve never read A New Earth, you can get it here.



Review: The Soul Loves the Truth

It takes immense courage to be our own best friends, but it’s part of finding inner peace and living life to the fullest. In our culture, we’re taught that it’s okay to say things like “I love chocolate,” “I love rainbows,” or “I love hiking,” but if you say “I love myself,” there’s often an uncomfortable silence. We’re taught that loving ourselves is selfish and egotistical.”

Denise Linn, The Soul Loves the Truth: Lessons Learned on my Path to Joy.

I recently reread Denise Linn’s (my Soul Coach and Interior Alignment™ Teacher) book, The Soul Loves the Truth.  It is a terrific book: It is intimate and healing, one of those books where you can pick it up anywhere and find help and wisdom within its pages. It is also really good for helping you solve problems, especially if you take time to do the exercises.

For example, this time of year, as we move into Autumn, I often begin having an inner debate about turning the heating on. It is one of those inner dialogues we have with ourselves that do not make a lot of sense and I really didn’t understand why it was an issue for me. I read Chapter 4, Your Thoughts Affect your Abundance, and in doing the exercise, I acknowledged that the reason I didn’t want to turn my heat on is because of the higher electricity bill I would get. Of course this is quite a common concern we all have and in my mind I decided I would hold off as long as possible. 

It sounds reasonable but doesn’t take into consideration that some years are warm long into the fall, and other years it turns cold and rainy earlier. When I did the exercises for Chapter 4, I saw clearly how I was being counter productive. When I am cold I do not feel like working, and working less has an impact on my finances.  

I did the suggested guided visualization exercise, imagining my home comfortably warm. I am content and very productive and with all the extra work I am doing I have more than enough money to pay the electricity bill. It is a good investment in myself.

Then I read Chapter 5 Cherishing Yourself, and thought about what my decision said for my self-worth. After all I wouldn’t let a visitor in my house feel cold. Isn’t it strange how we ‘put up’ with situations and feelings, like we do not matter? Shouldn’t our own needs take precedence … like putting on our own oxygen mask before helping a child with theirs? 

In the Law of Attraction, what we think about we attract to ourselves, so if we would like others to treat us well, we must learn to cherish ourselves so that we send out that vibration. This book helps you to tune into your subconscious thought patterns so that you can become more deliberate about the ‘vibes’ you send out. I love this book and highly recommend it!