The Power of Style

You may not consciously be aware of what makes you different and unique from everyone else — but through your personal style, you broadcast it at all times. You can’t do anything but! Everything you like and dislike, everything you own, says something about who you are. Your possessions allow you to express your creativity and give your life value and meaning. The objects that surround you are windows through which your soul looks out.

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Clutter Clear Storage Spaces

We need storage spaces in our lives, places that are utilitarian and functional, for example tools, recycling area, and a place to put items that are used seasonally.  Often these area tend to get cluttered as we also put things in them that we are postponing making a decision on. It could be anything from broken appliances to cardboard boxes things we bought came in. It is good feng shui to keep on top of what you are keeping and deal with accumulation before it gets out of hand!


Celebrate Water

Life is centered around water. The primary consideration in feng shui for locating towns, villages and individual homes is proximity to water. Water of course to drink, but also to grow crops, wash and provide means for transporting goods. Water has a special spiritual significance as well. It represents rebirth and purification.  Water in some places is believed to have healing properties and people make pilgrimages to them. In today’s post learn how you can celebrate water in your life.

The Element of Water

© Deborah Redfern 2010. All rights reserved.

Make a Vision Seed Map

A vision seed map is, or can be:

  1. A very personal piece of art that can guide your future and help you clearly identify what you do next.
  2. A collage: a collection of meaningful images of your life – things you value and things you wish to attract.
  3. A ‘seed’ planter of  what to grow (things you want to attract, maintain, or improve) in your life.
  4. The story of your life, your values and priorities.

You can do a vision seed map on any area of your life: It can be an overview of your whole life, or individual area of your life that you are working on, such as your health, relationships, creativity, spirituality, beauty, career, emotioPersonal Feng Shuins, material goods, hobbies, sports, traveling, and happiness.

How To

The first step is to get a pile of magazines (old or new) for tearing images out of. Tear or cut out anything that catches your eye or seems to call you. You can use pictures, words, and phrases. You can embellish your vision seed map with found objects, or use family photographs (you can copy the photos if you do not want to remove them from an album) but make sure you use a photo of your family taken on a day when everyone is happy and smiling.

Choose images that speak to you. Just let your first impressions rule and allow yourself to play with it, without worrying that you are not ‘doing it right’. When you have gathered all your images together, paste these images on a background sheet. The type of background will depend on how large you want your vision seed map to be. You might use a whole sheet of poster or bristle board or an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper.

You can make vision seed map in different sizes, or take it to a copy shop to be reduced to different sizes. It can be framed and hung in your abundance area. You can even shrink it to business card size and carry it in your wallet to remind you of your priorities wherever you are.