Auspicious Feng Shui Site in Victoria, BC

In Victoria, we have the distinction of having the first declared auspicious feng shui site in Canada. It is located in Saanich and can be viewed off the Lochside trail where you look across Swan Lake and up to Christmas Hill.

What gives a site good feng shui? 

There is an ancient school of feng shui that examines land formations and waterways to find the beneficial energy lines of the Earth. Houses which are situated in the protective and secure locations offered by the these land features have good Chi. Called the Form School, it uses the symbolism of animals to describe the most beneficial natural features. 

Most important is protection behind the building site, which in natural landscape would be a hill or mountain (the Pillow Mountain). On either side of the mountain there would be smaller mountains or hills, called the White Tiger and the Green Dragon. The site faces a smaller hill (The Desk Mountain) with an open view or a body of water in between.

Feng Shui practitioners can use these form school principles when they are recommending building sites. It is best used in urban settings where the land has not been changed. In cities we can also use the principles however. For example tall trees or higher buildings in the back of your home represent the Pillow Mountain. Smaller buildings or plants on either side of the home represent the tiger and dragon. We also use the principles inside the home, or the office to create ideal placement of furniture and energy flow, so that people feel secure and supported.   

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How Space Clearing Works

Space clearing is a ceremony of purification with ancient origins across many different cultures, but in understanding what Space Clearing is, it helps if we first have an understanding of what we mean by the word ‘space’.

Space = something physical that we define as being ours — our area on the desk, or our own room.

Space = something non-physical, something we sense. We might say for example that someone is ‘in our space’. Usually meant negatively that someone is disrupting the energy we prefer to have around us. 

Energy is the Key

In both cases we are talking about our energy fields. An energy field is a vibration. People often have difficulty with the concept of energy and vibrations because most of us can’t see them, but almost everyone can feel them. We might not use the term ‘in my space’ to describe an uncomfortable feeling, but we have all been in places where something felt off – in other words we picked up negative ‘vibes’. What is being picked up on is the ambient energy left over from people and events. This ambient energy is emotions.


It is interesting that people can often tell what happened in a room before they got there. For example if you go into a room after there has been an argument, most people can sense it. How long the imprint stays depends on the pattern. A one-time argument isn’t likely to leave much of a pattern, but a life-time worth of emotional pain will leave an imprint, as would a one-time trauma. Having your home robbed, heaven forbid, is an example.

Energy vibrations also run through seemingly solid objects and gives them a history. Antique furniture, for example, often have definite personalities and energy patterns imprinted in them. Just touching them can give off feelings of sadness.

It is important to note that we pick up on good emotions as well. There are places that just feel good to be in. Most often I encounter them in places of nature. But people’s homes, offices, shops and restaurants also have good vibrations, especially if they are kept energetically clear on a regular basis.

Most of the time when I do a Space Clearing, there has been no energy work done on the house.  Once the energy imprint is lifted and purified, the owners can definitely keep the energy clear themselves.

The reason for this is that happiness and joy is a higher energy field than one of sadness, grief, anger, loneliness –  that is, any energy pattern that feels negative. These higher emotions are actually easier to keep intact.  What I do as a Space Clearer is change the energy pattern so that any negative elements are removed and then consciously put back that higher energy of happiness. Normally these are the home owners’ intentions and all the good things the envision happening to them in the coming weeks, months and years. 

The space is blessed and dedicated to the present owners’ wishes and dreams for their lives. Years ago in some communities, home blessings were as common as spring cleaning. Some Space Clearers call this a Blessing Ceremony and traditionally this was done when people move into a new home. Today we also provide this ceremony to help people consciously fill their homes and working places with tangible reminders of the joy and happiness they wish to honour in their lives.

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Essential Oils as a Sacred Tool


Then taking two leaves, [Aragorn] laid them on his hands and breathed on them, and then he crushed them, and straightaway a living freshness filled the room, as if the air itself awoke and tingled, sparkling with joy. And then he cast the leaves into the bowls of steaming water that were brought to him, and at once all hearts were lightened. For the fragrance that came to each was like a memory of dewy mornings of unshadowed sun in some land of which the fair world in Spring is itself but a fleeting memory. — J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King

The message in this passage from The Lord of the Rings is an important symbol: it is a sign of accepting one’s gifts, of stepping into leadership and service. Only the true King was said to have healing powers such as this, of taking a medicinal herb, combining it with inner resources to make something greater than the two separately.

This has great significance for using essential oils in Space Clearing. Is there a difference between getting a bottle of an essential oil, let’s take lavender, for example, and using it to scent the house, and using that same bottle of lavender for space clearing? Yes. The difference is Intent. Used with Intent they become sacred tools.

Imagine for a moment the life of a flower. Imagine a rose. Although the plant in which it grows may live for years, the flower, once fully open, lives but a few days or weeks. And in those few weeks they are true healing agents. The fragrance lightens hearts, the colours strengthen the energy field.

When you reflect, isn’t it something or a miracle that the essence of those flowers can be contained at all though distillation? Think of the fragility of a flower, the fleeting nature of the scent – and then the ordeal of being distilled at very high temperatures … I find it incredible. Through using essential oils with respect and awe, they become sacred tools.

Combined with our inner resources — our Intent, a synergy between practitioner and tool is created. This is where we step into our own majesty, into a role of leadership and service that Tolkien talks about because in Space Clearing, it is not the tool that does the work: it is the synergy of tool and practitioner, how the two combine to create healing energy.


Space Clear your Clutter

Let’s face it. Some things are hard to let go of, even when they no longer serve a purpose in our lives and could — in all respects of the word — be called clutter. Maybe they are even gifts you’ve received which you never liked, but the person who gave it to you holds a special place in your heart. What do we do with these things?

One way to honour items you no longer wish to keep,  but are or once were meaningful – perhaps even cherished – is to do a very simple space clearing ceremony that consists of making a blessing altar. This is a lovely thing to do because objects that have been space cleared are very auspicious gifts to give and some of your energy has gone into the item to be passed to new owners. Here is how:

1. Make the objects you are letting to part of or the main aspect of a blessing altar.

2. Take photographs either of the items on your blessing altar or on their own.

3. Honour and bless for the item(s) for the loving intent behind them d the person who gave it to you.


Flowers in Space Clearing

I was thinking about what Eckhart Tolle’s book says in his book, A New Earth about flowers. He says,

“Without our fully realizing it, flowers would become for us an expression in form of that which is most high, most sacred and ultimately formless within ourselves. Flowers, more fleeting, more ethereal, and more delicate than the plants out of which they emerged, would become like  messengers from another realm, like a bridge between the world of physical forms and the formless.”

An “aha” moment!

This is why we use flowers in space clearing, on the altar or in the sacred ceremony. It helps us access the subtle realms of energy. Flowers can help us pay attention, be in the ‘nowness’ of life. One of my favourite artists, Georgia O’Keefe, painted the intimate world of flowers. In a passage as equally evocative as Tolle’s, she writes:

A flower is relatively small. Everyone has many associations with a flower – the idea of flowers. You put out your hand to touch the flower – lean forward to smell it – maybe touch it with your lips almost without thinking – or give it to someone to please them. Still – in a way – nobody sees a flower – really – it is so small – we haven’t time – and to see takes time like to have a friend takes time.

In the space clearing ritual we make – and take – time to experience the small and almost invisible thing of energy fields. It is a moment when all involved in the ceremony are awake — smelling the flowers so to speak. We really see the flower, which is ourselves and how we interact with the sacred space within and around us.

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Spring Cleaning the Feng Shui Way

It is that time of year again. Even me, who doesn’t particularly enjoy cleaning (especially doing those repetitive tasks like washing dishes and sweeping floors) gets an urge to clean and clear as soon as Spring arrives.

Actually I think cleaning is great. As a professional Space Clearer, I know that cleaning shifts energy that uplifts the energy, and makes each room sparkle. I know that a thorough house cleaning makes the effects of Space Clearing deeper and longer-lasting. (A Space Clearer works on energy fields and removes stagnant energetic vibrations from a building.)

I found myself thinking that since house cleaning on its own shifts energy, cleaning with Intent would naturally have very powerful results and be beneficial for those who were not able to have a Space Clearer come in to clear their house for them. Here are some simple and effective suggestions to make spring cleaning not only more meaningful, but more enjoyable.

1. Set your Intent while you clean

Take some time to consider your Life Vision and hold that thought as you go about cleaning. To set your Intent, hold a vision of how you want your life to be. That vision might be a home that exudes love and harmony. Or perhaps you want your home to be a creative sanctuary. When you clean with your Life Vision firmly in mind the energy this creates actually goes into your living space.

2. Use Affirmations

  • While you clean, try using these affirmations, or write some of your own:
  • With each window I clean, my inner vision becomes more clear and focused.
  • As I polish and dust my furniture I give thanks for the blessings in my life.
  • As I wash my dishes I let go of any self-limiting thoughts.
  • As I sweep the floors, I affirm that this work creates a sanctuary for all who enter this house.

3. Use imagery

Your Imagination is powerful and can help you to clean your house energetically. For instance, imagine a column of pure white light from the sun (moon, stars) that comes shining through your roof and fills your home until it glows. Imagine this cleansing, renewing and healing light pouring in until you can sense a shift in the energy.

4. Use the Healing Power of Nature

While you clean, invite the healing forces of the four elements into your home – air, water, fire and earth. Not only will it help you clean your home, but it has a powerful cleansing and renewing affect on your body, mind and soul.

Air (Sound)

Did you know that sound waves pass through physical forms and change the vibrational frequency of your home? As you clean, choose music to suit the mood and make your task lighter and mood brighter. Especially effective are recorded bird song; classical and baroque music such as Bach, Mozart, and Brahms; and human voice such as Gregorian chant.


Water is essential for our survival. It is obvious that we use water when we clean, but how often do we take it for granted? To give water its rightful respect, consider making ‘special’ water. Pour a pitcher of water and bless it through meditating on it or sending it prayers.

Or add flower essences (such as Bach Flower Remedies) to create cleaning water which contains the properties of the flower remedy. You can also use essential oils. A few drops of lemon pine or lavender added to your cleaning water is appropriate.


The energy of Earth provides us with an important source of belonging and grounding that anchors the energy of each of the other elements. To work with the energy of the earth we use salt. Salt is cleansing and grounding, and believed to have the ability to neutralize negative energy.

Salt can be used in several different ways. Left in bowls around the house is one way. Some traditional space clearing with salt is done by tossing handfuls of sea salt around the room on the floor, especially in the corners.

Leave to sit for several hours or overnight and then remove the salt in the bowls, sweep or vacuum it up.


Fire is the easiest of elements to work with in the Spring, because Spring is a time of the return of light. The main source of fire in our lives is sun. Welcome the return of the sun into your home by washing and opening windows.

In a historical sense, we honour the element of fire by all our Spring cleaning activities because in the days when homes were heated by coal or wood, the interiors became coated with smoke and grime by the time Winter was over. With the coming warmer weather the hearth fire could go out and everything in the home be given a thorough cleaning.

Even today we instinctively feel the need to clean in the Spring, as it brings a sense of renewal and new beginnings for many of us.