Feng Shui for Manifesting

goddess imageIs feng shui magical?

Through doing feng shui I have seen, both in my own life and working with clients, big shifts and breakthroughs, but at the same time I’ve felt a sense of disconnection from the origins of feng shui (living in balance with nature) and what it has become.

I have books in my library that also produce pretty spectacular shifts of energy for me  (The Artist’s Way series by Julia Cameron, and Wishcraft by Barbara Sher are two favourites.) So I do believe there is magic, shifts, epiphanies, breakthroughs — whatever you want to call it, but I wouldn’t say it had to do with feng shui, but rather what has been added to feng shui in our age. The way it is used now, it strongly focuses attention, through working with intention and that creates alignment between what you want and how it is expressed in your environment. This combination can powerfully propel your life forward.

As we begin to work with feng shui we have to give some thought to what we want to change or bring into our lives. The bagua map helps us to clarify what we want. That is the inner work of feng shui, part emotional, part creative and par intellectual. When we begin to do the physical work of arranging our belongings and bringing in new items, the energy of intentions becomes activated: when we define and refine our environment we do tend to, as Jean-Luc Picard would say, “make it so”.

In Wayne Dyer’s book The Power of Intention: Learning to Co-Create Your World Your Way, he discusses the importance of a high quality environment as a tool of manifesting:

Prayers, paintings, crystals, statues, spiritual passages, books, magazines, the colors on your walls, and even the arrangement of your furniture all create energy into which you’re catapulted for at least half of your waking life.

Authors update (5/6/2014)

I was asked recently if I still practice feng shui since I no longer see clients and I said ‘no’ but after I thought about it, I realized that isn’t true. What I practice is probably closer to mindful living, but also still, and always will, practice landscape school feng shui which transcends all the different types and expressions of feng shui. It is based on what we would now call environmental psychology in that the way things are oriented and placed have a direct result on how people feel living and working in those spaces. I think there is magic in that also, but it is not the type that most people think of.


The Hands do the Talking

Have you ever really thought about your arms and hands and what they actually do? Mostly I think of my hands as tools, but this barely does them justice. This poetic excerpt from the book Nia Technique helps me fully appreciate the expressive and creative force of my hands and arms. We dance through life as we go about our everyday routines and chores.

The Voice of the Arms and Hands

To your physical body – I offer you a way to touch, hug, and love. When you desire, I open like a fan and reach out to fulfil your wishes. When you are scared, I hold you. When you need love, I touch you. Use me and discover the joy of play: throwing, grabbing, scooping and pushing. I am alive. Awaken to my endless possibilities.

To your mental body – I offer a way to outwardly express what you are thinking and imagining. When your thoughts are free, I am open and relaxed, available to the sensation of life. When your thoughts are rigid and fearful, I become tight and bound. When your thoughts are free to move, I expand and dream. I am agile, strong and powerfully available to help you create.

To your emotional body – I offer visual aids for expressing what you feel. As you open to what is moving inside of you, I respond, without needing any thought. I speak without words. I am clear, direct, and exact. I do not lie. I cannot.

To your spiritual body – I offer ways to experience becoming the angel, the warrior, the goddess or god. My energy is magic, and fills you with the power of lightning, to become strong, or liquid, to become full and soft. My divine essence allows you to hold space for yourself and for others, through the magic of touch.

~ The Nia Technique, Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas

I especially love the voice of the emotional body, that the hands do not lie. We can command our thoughts and voice to say things that are not true for us – even a kind ‘white lie’ to put someone at ease, but our body language, expressed through our hands give it away. It could be as subtle as a brief clenching of the hands, or a fidgeting. There are also times when I do not immediately know how I feel about something, perhaps not wanting to acknowledge discomfort in that moment; noticing what are hands are doing at such times is an ’emotional barometer’ that can helps us get to the core. Are there patterns of movement you make whenever your are tense or anxious?

And for the spiritual body – what do your angel hands look like?  What are your goddess/god hands? (I think of mudras.) What are your warrior hands like? Can you take a few moments today, to play with  your hands and appreciate them on all levels of your being: body, mind, spirit and emotions?

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Rebirth of my Business

My business habits were getting out of control.

With the launch of my Nia fitness classes this week, I was looking at maintaining at least 4 different websites, 2 Facebook Business pages and multiple email signatures. Getting newsletters out became difficult. (Err, which hat am I wearing today?) And forget about describing what I do!

Several times at networking events,  ‘enrolled’ as my jewellery-lady persona, I was gently asked by friends who knew me ‘before’ to tell what I ‘really’ did, i.e. to talk about my feng shui business, my books and courses. Now, not being one to shy away from an opportunity to talk about my work this was fine, but at the same time it gave me mixed feelings, like serious writers/healers shouldn’t be getting into wacky things like selling jewellery. Or something like that. You could see people thinking: why is someone with published books selling jewellery? Answer: it is light hearted, it is about women connecting: it’s fun!

An impromptu session with a coach got me thinking about all this, getting back to basics as it were. What is the underlying thing that motivates me? It has always been about healing in one way or another; healing for me personally first, and then sharing my observations and adventures with others. The teachers and coaches I’ve known do the same thing. In fact I can’t think of any reason why a person would go through all this only to heal someone else. It has to be for themselves first as the doorway to discovery.

And with this in mind I asked myself, do I need to compartmentalize what I do? Can I be a writer who offers jewellery for sale and teaches dance? And a coach who uses feng shui and astrology? And sometimes, an artist? Because there are times when I think all I need to do is join Epicure and I’d have an ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ moment. I love it all, and all is a part of me. But trying to keep it separate has been sucking the life out of each one, even with the ‘passive’ work (i.e. e-courses.)

So the question was put out there: how do I combine these things I’m interested in that have brought joy and healing in my life? And the answer came in dreamtime. First I was shown the four elements representing Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions. 

  • Body – healing through movement (Nia Dance)
  • Mind – healing though intropsection (coaching techniques, my self help courses, books, working with Archetypes and Astrology)
  • Emotions – healing through sensing/feeling (feng shui, space clearing)
  • Spirit – healing through the pleasure principle (outward expression of joy, i.e. jewellery, clothing, colours).

I love this: Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions connected – not compartmentalized. It also brings in the 4 elements  that I’ve been working with for many years: body is the earth element, mind is the air element, emotions is the water element, and spirit is the fire element. And astrology is based on the 4 elements, the colour theory I use is based on the 4 elements — oh it is just too delicious!

Okay if this is the theme, what is the name of it (I asked)? Out of the ethers came Creative – no, make that Cre8ive, because 8 represents abundance, leadership, self power and cosmic consciousness. It is a good fit for me, astrologically speaking. And if I had to choose one word to describe myself, that would be it: creative. I like it — enough to commit to it — which is the thing. Changing an existing business is not always and it puts me in a vulnerable position. On the other hand I feel like I have a lot of freedom now, to develop the types of services that are really interesting to me, without feeling like I have to do a fancy juggling act.

This explains the changes you are seeing, as it unfolds and settles into being. Just in case you were curious! Now I have a bit of cleaning up to do, for one the front page of my site needs to be rewritten. Do you have any ideas for me? If you haven’t browsed my site in a while I’d appreciate you taking a few moments to see what is new and give me feedback. You can leave a comment on this blog post or email me privately. Thanks!

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A Nia Class in Action

I am working towards integrating all my interests and realized I hadn’t even written a blog post about my new teaching practice: Nia! You can read a lot more about Nia here with times and classes, or if you are a FaceBook user perhaps you’d like to visit me there. In the meantime, here is a video that shows what happens in a Nia class. It is a lot of fun and a really good workout for the body, mind, spirit and emotions!

Writing as a Sacred Path

Is writing your sacred path to wholeness? Watch this inspiring video from www.authormagazine.org.

Life is a co-creative endeavour but you make the choices that shape your experiences, that create your karma, that allow you to follow the Golden Rule or ignore it. If you ignore it, you create pain, and if you follow it, you create a wonderful life.

~ Gary Zukav