Odyssey of the Heart

Odyssey of the Heart: Paths to Wholeness through Feng Shui

Odyssey of the Heart by Deborah Redfern

Write your story – claim your truth.
Take yourself on a magical healing journey.

Odyssey of the Heart tells the story – your story –  of how the bagua map,  the ancient energy grid used in feng shui, can lead you through personal growth and transformation.

The bagua map is a symbolic tool that guides you to keep balance in all areas of life.  When you work with the energy in each of the trigrams, it offers the opportunity for regeneration and healing. You begin your odyssey by exploring the stories each of the eight areas of the bagua map. observing the memories, beliefs and emotions that arise along the way, uncovering the hidden layers to yourself and moving forward in your life. It is a gentle but powerful guide for raising your internal light and getting clearer about what really matters to you.

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“A book I’ve yearned to read! Let Deborah Redfern take you on a sacred journey to the seat of your soul using the spiritual template of your own home. Her Bagua Mandala decodes the ancient secrets of Feng Shui – a truly inspired tool for creating healed environments. Odyssey of the Heart is gentle guide to raising your inner light – a must-read for seekers, healers and shamans alike!” ~ Sophia Fairchild, author and editor of Soul Whispers, Collective Wisdom from Soul Coaches around the World. Her stories also appear in Soul Moments, Angels 101, Coincidence or Destiny? and Travelers Tales Tuscany.


“Deborah has presented the first truly practical way to apply feng shui at the deepest level of our lives. Most people think of feng shui as rearranging the belongings in our homes. Here, Deborah shows us how to honor and bring out the best of our soul through the principles of feng shui. She shows us how to address each aspect of our lives such as relationships, creativity, abundance with honor and grace, reminding us of our true birthright and instilling courage in each of us to move ahead. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to grow to their fullest and who would like some gentle, loving guidance.” ~ Johanna Vanderpol, author of Honoring Your Emotions: Why it Matters.

Healing with Feng Shui and Colour

An introspective journey into the healing nature of colour.

Healing with Feng Shui and Color

Take an introspective journey and learn how to heal, support and honor your true essence by using colour with consciousness. From the clothing you wear, to your home décor… if you change the color, you change the energy. In this course you’ll learn to

  • Examine chi and the energy of colours.
  • Identify the colours that energize, uplift, and ground you.
  • Identify which colours drain energy, scatter energy, depress, repress, overload, and isolate.
  • Learn when too much of a particular colour can impact you negatively.
  • Discover what colours support you and create a sense of well-being for you.
  • Learn how colour heals and how to apply colour healing to your life.
  • Explore the system of elements by examining the tradition of four elements (air, water, fire and earth) observed by Native American tribes.
  • Determine which element aligns with your personality and which element aligns with each person in your home.
  • Create a floor plan and colour scheme for each room in your home. A plan that balances different elements and introduces healing colour schemes so that each person living there is supported, honoured and energized.


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“Deborah Redfern’s online course Healing with Feng Shui and Color is a wonderful addition to my feng shui education. I thought de-cluttering looked good and felt good, but it also helps me get out of a rut when I have difficulty moving forward. It also helps me heal relationships of all kinds. Deborah’s course includes meditations, affirmations, assignments, additional books and web sites for further research and a discussion forum to discuss what you’ve learned – so you can learn from others experiences. I would highly recommend this course for someone at any level of feng shui.” Yvette L.

Feng Shui Soulutions: 30 Day Home and Life Makeover

Release. Renew. Rejuvenate.



What a difference a day makes
24 little  hours…

So the song goes. Imagine what you can do in 30 days with guidance from Feng Shui Soulutions using Feng Shui tools, techniques and symbols, combined with life coaching techniques designed to balance, open, release, and shift energy in your home – and your life. In this eCourse you will find symbols that empower you to move forward or break past obstacles, identify and release energy-draining clutter, embrace the elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Metal, learn how color can create powerful shifts in your life, create a home spirit center, and space clear your home.


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“Deborah has taken ‘dusty’ ideas from traditional feng shui and seamlessly made them sparkle, and appropriate for contemporary life. She has a unique way of presenting this material so that change seems simple, ideas seem fresh, and on top of that, everything seems so do-able.” ~ Stratton Semmes, California.


“Useful, uplifting, supportive, thought provoking course: I am truly amazed at the layers and depth of this course from the basics of feng shui…to applying them at a heart and soul level…and even a personal expression of feng shui. Even the format is easy to use.” ~ Eileen Kelz, Wisconsin.


“Your E-course is amazing Deborah! It is very thorough, insightful and full of useful exercises.  Your links to Suggested Resources are very well thought out and complement each lesson. I’m looking at my environment and self totally different!  Thank you so much for this invaluable course!” ~ Karen Jarldane, Colorado. “As I read through Deborah’s feng shui online course, I did the meditations and implemented a number of her feng shui solutions (as they applied to my home). Have you looked at your front door lately and considered its impact on your life – from a feng shui perspective? I found the lessons in this course fascinating. Over a 30 day period, she guides the learner to focus on one feng shui solution daily – one tweak you may make to your home or life. In turn, I could feel energy shifting around me as I went through this life altering process. This is truly a terrific feng shui eCourse that will help shake things up in a very positive (and fun) way!” ~ June Cook.


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Happy Brigit Day!

This lovely day of celebration marks the turn towards spring, the sleepy awakening of the land and the returning warmth of the sun.

You might know it as Imbolc, Candlemas – or even Groundhog Day. The ancient Irish Imbolc means ‘ewe’s milk’ because lambs were born at this time of year and the ewe’s began to give milk.

In Ireland it was known as Spring’s Beginning – even though February is the coldest month in many places, there is literally light at the end. Yesterday when I was driving to teach my Nia class I really noticed that it wasn’t dark yet!

To me, Brigit symbolises hope, the promise of abundance and plenty. For many it is a time for Spring Cleaning, and making plans. A number of years ago I wrote an article called Spring Cleaning with Intent. It is a lovely way of working with your intentions while cleaning and space clearing your home.

I found some lovely ideas for working with the energy of Brigid at The Goddess and The Greenman

A simple ceremony for Imbolc:

Prepare an area for quiet contemplation with:

  • Candle to represent the sun (or light a fire in the hearth),
  • A glass of milk to honour the returning energy.

Have a journal ready to record insights as you begin this meditation/contemplation: 

Light the candle and take a few moments to be fully in the moment and reflect on why you are here.

Questions to ask:

  • what new cycle is beginning in your life? Are there initiations, beginnings and/or resolutions; what hopes and dreams; what plans are being made?
  • what are you leaving behind, letting go of, discarding? 

~ As you record these in your journal, also turn your attention to ways you can support what is being initiated in your life.

~ Offer any prayers or songs you feel called to. A simple example might be:

Mother Earth, as the light returns and I welcome the return of spring,
I ask for your help in manifesting my plans for this season.

To close this ceremony, take a sip of the milk to honour the life from which it came. Blow out the candle or let the hearth fire go out. Some of the milk can be left outside to nourish any ‘wanderers’, be they spiritual or even the divine 4-legged variety. It is about gratitude and hope for the survival of all.

 © Deborah Redfern 2012. All rights reserved.