It takes immense courage to be our own best friends, but it’s part of finding inner peace and living life to the fullest. In our culture, we’re taught that it’s okay to say things like “I love chocolate,” “I love rainbows,” or “I love hiking,” but if you say “I love myself,” there’s often an uncomfortable silence. We’re taught that loving ourselves is selfish and egotistical.”

Denise Linn, The Soul Loves the Truth: Lessons Learned on my Path to Joy.

I recently reread Denise Linn’s (my Soul Coach and Interior Alignment™ Teacher) book, The Soul Loves the Truth.  It is a terrific book: It is intimate and healing, one of those books where you can pick it up anywhere and find help and wisdom within its pages. It is also really good for helping you solve problems, especially if you take time to do the exercises.

For example, this time of year, as we move into Autumn, I often begin having an inner debate about turning the heating on. It is one of those inner dialogues we have with ourselves that do not make a lot of sense and I really didn’t understand why it was an issue for me. I read Chapter 4, Your Thoughts Affect your Abundance, and in doing the exercise, I acknowledged that the reason I didn’t want to turn my heat on is because of the higher electricity bill I would get. Of course this is quite a common concern we all have and in my mind I decided I would hold off as long as possible. 

It sounds reasonable but doesn’t take into consideration that some years are warm long into the fall, and other years it turns cold and rainy earlier. When I did the exercises for Chapter 4, I saw clearly how I was being counter productive. When I am cold I do not feel like working, and working less has an impact on my finances.  

I did the suggested guided visualization exercise, imagining my home comfortably warm. I am content and very productive and with all the extra work I am doing I have more than enough money to pay the electricity bill. It is a good investment in myself.

Then I read Chapter 5 Cherishing Yourself, and thought about what my decision said for my self-worth. After all I wouldn’t let a visitor in my house feel cold. Isn’t it strange how we ‘put up’ with situations and feelings, like we do not matter? Shouldn’t our own needs take precedence … like putting on our own oxygen mask before helping a child with theirs? 

In the Law of Attraction, what we think about we attract to ourselves, so if we would like others to treat us well, we must learn to cherish ourselves so that we send out that vibration. This book helps you to tune into your subconscious thought patterns so that you can become more deliberate about the ‘vibes’ you send out. I love this book and highly recommend it!

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