Yin and Yang can be a very effective principle to use to balance energy.

Yin is characterised by environments that are dark, small, ornate, quiet, curved, rounded, floral and feminine.
Yang is defined by light, large airy spaces, plain, noisy or lively, straight or angular lines and masculine.
Extremes often do not make the most comfortable homes. Like the children’s book the Three Little Bears, we like our chairs to be not too soft and not too hard, but just right.
Here are some simple and effective things to look for to create more balance in your home:
Feng Shui Studies Balancing Yin and Yang
  • Balance very bright overhead lights with lamps and task lighting so you can change the level of brightness and create mood areas.
  • Brighten up any dark areas with a lamp or pot light.
  • Paint different rooms in the house a different colour. ‘Warm up’ cool wall colours with warm accessories and vice versa.
  • Use and combine different textures and patterns. For every busy, vibrant pattern, add a subdued one. For each smooth texture, add a touch of roughness.
  • Look for contrast in shapes, e.g., put apples or oranges in a square dish instead of a round one.

One thing to look for is the contract and extremes between Yin and Yang and when you find it, balance it with some energy of the opposite. You will feel more comfortable in your home if you find the balance, and that is the art of living in wellness with feng shui.

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