Ever wonder what Nia looks like? Watch a class through the eyes of a beginner!


In each Nia class we start with a warm up, gradually moving into a higher intensity cardiovascular level, and ending with a cool down. Three levels are demonstrated in each song and you choose what your workout is. It’s up to you.

In Nia, we start easy. Small is good: it allows you to sense your body and establish the neurological connections that lead to self-healing. So we start with “level one” movements, focusing on finding the foot pattern or rhythm of the music, and an easy pace. We gradually add the arm motions when we are ready. And then we slowly build intensity. Going at level two, we begin to add a larger range of motion or intensity: taking bigger steps and lifting our legs and arms higher, and level three giving it more personal expression along with a higher intensity. You can choose which level to work at, based on your fitness level and even how you are feeling on that day of class.

The class flows. While I may take some time to demonstrate new moves, or how a particular move is done, you will not hear ’you aren’t doing that right’. The class isn’t stopped for individual correction. What you will hear are reminders to listen to your body and invitations to work at your own pace, to enjoy yourself and find the joy in the movement. (Isn’t that refreshing?)

You only get to be a beginner once, so allow yourself the freedom to enjoy being a beginner. It is all about the joy of movement!

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