This year just after New Year’s, we spent a week on the Baja Peninsula in Mexico at the Cerritos Surf Colony. The resort and location was beautiful, except for the bugs which we couldn’t blame on the resort. It was our first time ‘going off the grid’, previous vacations being at all-inclusive resorts and we found we met more people and had real conversations. There were negatives too, and lessons.

Deborah Redfern Photography

Sunset from our Villa

Deborah Redfern Photography

Cerritos Surf Colony






Don’t Judge
I got a reminder on judging people. No matter where we went in this vacation, insects seemed to follow us. There were tiny ants in the bathroom and kitchenette counter, mosquitoes and other little flying creatures. The ants were more of an annoyance than a problem but the mosquitoes definitely were a problem because I got allergic reactions to the bites – huge swellings. I would have to say the ants made more of a lasting impression because…

Deborah Redfern PhotographyWe took a cab (mini van)  back to the airport and about ten minutes into the hour and a half journey I noticed those tiny ants crawling on me. Ugh! I said to myself, I can’t believe it: this car is infested with ants. I wanted to say something, but how do you politely say, “sir you have ants in your van” in Spanish? For the rest of the trip I brushed and blew the ants off myself. That’s over an hour’s worth of ant control. I don’t think they were harmful but I just didn’t like them being on me.

We got to the airport hours early and when we finally got through security and made our way to the gate we stopped at a counter to get coffee. I reached into my backpack to get my lip balm and all of a sudden there were ants all over the table. To my horror I realized that the open bag of sweets I stuck in my bag at the last minute as we left our villa was the culprit! All the ants in our room marched from the counter straight into that bag, and then straight my purse.Deborah Redfern Photography

Given that they were steadily marching out of the zippered pocket of my purse for over an hour in the van I can only guess how many there were. I imagine they were a little disturbed at the unexpected journey, not to mention the imminent threat to their brief lives. I lost lots of karma on that trip because that bag of candy got dumped into the nearest garbage can. Unfortunately as my husband later pointed out it was the one under the coffee cream and sugar, you know like in all Starbucks. I didn’t even notice in my hurry to get rid of them. Hopefully the staff at that airport change the garbage frequently.

I was already itchy from the allergic reaction from the mosquito bites and ‘ahem’ it was one of those moments where your gut instinct is to rip your clothes off. I did manage to control myself. So it could have been worse (could have been biting ants) and I am sure there are several lessons in there at least but the biggest: don’t assume your lovely Mexican cab driver’s van is infested with insects!








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