Wild women are trend setters without even knowing it. They are a little off the beaten path; a little rebellious. They have a sense of humour about their non-conformity. They don’t care what people think, but kindness is one of their most treasured attributes. They value freedom, and accept responsibility for what they do. They seek a higher truth but don’t take themselves too seriously because women need joy in their lives.

A wild woman loves being in a natural environment and the open air, and wears clothing and shoes to allow her to do just that. She might have been called a flower child, or a hippie back in the day, and maybe still is!

Do you need to ‘rewild’ yourself?

The above description is meant to be taken lightly (tongue-in-cheek) but as we age, it is all too easy to get used to our creature comforts. It can happen as as a result of a crazy busy life with not much time to take care of yourself. Perhaps you have experienced some injuries. Or are in the midst of, or recovering from illness. So let’s say, for whatever reason, you feel a little too ‘tame’ these days.

Becoming ageless is about natural movement, strength, balance, mobility, grace and dignity as we age. This is a place to learn wildness – because one thing is clear: it is never too late to be a wild woman.



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