In Victoria, we have the distinction of having the first declared auspicious feng shui site in Canada. It is located in Saanich and can be viewed off the Lochside trail where you look across Swan Lake and up to Christmas Hill.

What gives a site good feng shui? 

There is an ancient school of feng shui that examines land formations and waterways to find the beneficial energy lines of the Earth. Houses which are situated in the protective and secure locations offered by the these land features have good Chi. Called the Form School, it uses the symbolism of animals to describe the most beneficial natural features. 

Most important is protection behind the building site, which in natural landscape would be a hill or mountain (the Pillow Mountain). On either side of the mountain there would be smaller mountains or hills, called the White Tiger and the Green Dragon. The site faces a smaller hill (The Desk Mountain) with an open view or a body of water in between.

Feng Shui practitioners can use these form school principles when they are recommending building sites. It is best used in urban settings where the land has not been changed. In cities we can also use the principles however. For example tall trees or higher buildings in the back of your home represent the Pillow Mountain. Smaller buildings or plants on either side of the home represent the tiger and dragon. We also use the principles inside the home, or the office to create ideal placement of furniture and energy flow, so that people feel secure and supported.   

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