On Sunday we went to the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. It was our second visit and like the first time, I didn’t take any photos on the suspension bridge, impressive as it is. Mostly because I am not a huge fan of heights, especially when they are rocking and swaying. My goal was to get over the bridge as quickly as possible and camera only came out once the surface underneath me stopped movin


Ageless and Well Walks

When we finished up in the park we drove further up the road to check out Grouse Mountain. It was cloudy at the top so we had no intention of taking the gondola to the top (also the height thing) but I wanted to at least see where it was. Along the way we saw a sign for the Cleveland Dam where Vancouver gets the bulk of its water supply. It looks like a place for a great hike so we plan to go back, but in the meantime it was a beautiful spot to sit for a few minutes and look at the scenery.

Ageless and Well Walks

Vancouver Water Supply


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