Space Clearing Workshop

Feathers and Drums used for Space Clearing

Space Clearing is a technique used to release tension that becomes ‘encoded’ in a home or workplace that can arise from emotional states – anger, negativity and fear are some common ones. These result in blocked energy. Space clearing releases these emotions and increases feelings of balance and harmony. You will learn how to prepare for Space Clearing, set the Intent or outcomes you wish to see, space clearing techniques and tools, and how to maintain the energy after your clearing.

Join me on Monday May 27 and June 3 from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. to learn this ancient art of home healing.


Victoria West Community Centre
521 Craigflower Road



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Workshop: Home and Life Make-Over using Feng Shui Principles

Garden Gate, Butchart GardensIt has been a number of years since I’ve offered any live courses (most of my offerings are on-line courses,) so this workshop at the Victoria West Community Centre is very special.

Feng Shui is much more than putting up a few decorations in your home. It involves all areas of your life! This Intensive 4 week course goes beyond ‘cures’ and helps you examine every aspect of your home and life. Following the path of the five elements of wood, water, fire, earth and metal each lesson in this course gives you proactive steps that help you balance, open, release, or shift energy in your home, and your life.

Mon Apr 8-May 6.   7:00-9:00pm 5/$69

Topics include:

  • Creating a Home Spirit Center
  • How to Space Clear your home
  • Identify and release energy-draining clutter,
  • Learn the elements of Fire, Water, Earth and metal
  • Embrace Feng Shui Colour
  • Practice Green Feng Shui.

This 10 hour course includes FB page ‘forum’ to connect during the week.
Location: Victoria West Community Center   521 Craigflower Road    250-590-8922.

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What Nia and Feng Shui Have in Common

My work in feng shui draws in teachings from different cultures including sacred geometry and creating sacred space. Certain hand gestures and mudras that I use in home blessings have also come up in Nia.  Many of the hand gestures used in the martial art component of Nia are related to what I do in home blessing ceremonies. Clapping the hands breaks up stagnant energy; spear fingers directs energy; chopping motions are used to seal energy (used for protection) especially when used with the vocalization “shu”; the infinity sign with the hands is also used to seal the energy after it  has been cleared and blessed.  And when we ‘fluff’ or smooth the energy around our bodies we are doing a form of personal space clearing. I find it is also similar to a type of energy work I do called Therapeutic Touch.

The patterns created in Nia (foot work and arm movements) remind me of feng shui, the Five Elements and sacred geometry:

A square pattern brings in the energy of Earth which generally feels ‘stable’. The full clock of front, back, side and side is an example. The box step (as in stepping to all four corners) is even more stable.

triangular pattern is the energy of Fire. Fire element energy is dynamic and fun. We don’t see a lot of triangular foot patterns, however I like to think of the Jazz Square (even though it is called a square) as a triangle. The step front and cross over is the tip of the triangle and then we step back into the base – and the Jazz Square certainly is dynamic and fun! Some triangular hand gestures are used in Nia as when bringing thumbs and forefingers together, often over the hara. This represents the life-force, the fire within. Triangular shapes are also made with the limbs when doing standing yoga poses, like Triangle pose.

A circular pattern is the energy of Metal so whenever we make a circle we are connecting to that element. We can draw a circle with our foot, or do fluid belly dance-like circles, or Tae Kwon do type circles, spirals and kicks like knee sweeps, and turn/return. The Metal element is also connected with the act of breathing – inhalation and exhalation – and as our breath deepens naturally during a Nia workout we are bringing a lot of Metal energy into the picture.

A rectangle shape is the energy of Woodwhich represents strength and flexibility and the shape traditionally associated with the Wood Element is rectangular or columns and one of the most powerful symbols of the Wood Element is the yoga pose Mountain. I think (like the Metal element) whenever we move at all we are using the Wood Element. Our bodies are rectangular and our spine is a column. When we undulate our spinal column we mimic the action of a plant moving in the wind.

Free form is the energy of Water. Water is the emotions and memory. When we free-dance we invoke the Water Element and one component in particular in free-dance has the potential to bring all of the elements together: in modern dance we create shapes in space and have the opportunity of incorporating all of the shapes of the Five Elements into our routine.

Sounds are also used to create sacred space. I know that some people are shy about vocalizing during Nia (it is all part of the process of feeling comfortable in our bodies) but certain sounds made when doing the martial arts chops and punches invoke sacred space. All of the vowels have healing power. “Ha” for example means “Breath of Life” in the Hawaiian language. Even with not vocalizing but making audible exhalations such as “Ha” bring healing energy and a connection with the divine.

The main thing to consider is that everything is energy and nothing ever stands alone and separate, and one of the reasons that I love Nia is because of these deeper connections I make – not that I consciously think about them when I am doing Nia. Then I am simply energy, RAW (ready, alert and waiting) to see what will show up next. It is a beautiful thing.

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Dancing with Energy – 9 Steps to Manifesting your Soul’s Desires with Feng Shui

Create an environment that attracts more of what you want in life.

Dancing with Energy: 9 Steps to Manifesting your Soul's Desires with Feng Shui
Nero-linguistics, law of attraction, wishcraft … by whatever name you call it, there is a strong connection between ‘it’ and feng shui, especially using the bagua map as a tool for putting some deliberate thought into what you want to create in your life.

Using unique web tools of questionnaires, audio meditations, and web tools to create your floor plants, you will learn how to apply and activate the bagua map to your home and workplaces, identify areas of blockage, discover a sense of ‘possibility’ cultivate your inner relationship with yourself, and connect to the universal source of energy and support.


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Dancing with Energy: 9 Steps to Manifesting your Soul’s Desires

Odyssey of the Heart

Odyssey of the Heart: Paths to Wholeness through Feng Shui

Odyssey of the Heart by Deborah Redfern

Write your story – claim your truth.
Take yourself on a magical healing journey.

Odyssey of the Heart tells the story – your story –  of how the bagua map,  the ancient energy grid used in feng shui, can lead you through personal growth and transformation.

The bagua map is a symbolic tool that guides you to keep balance in all areas of life.  When you work with the energy in each of the trigrams, it offers the opportunity for regeneration and healing. You begin your odyssey by exploring the stories each of the eight areas of the bagua map. observing the memories, beliefs and emotions that arise along the way, uncovering the hidden layers to yourself and moving forward in your life. It is a gentle but powerful guide for raising your internal light and getting clearer about what really matters to you.

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“A book I’ve yearned to read! Let Deborah Redfern take you on a sacred journey to the seat of your soul using the spiritual template of your own home. Her Bagua Mandala decodes the ancient secrets of Feng Shui – a truly inspired tool for creating healed environments. Odyssey of the Heart is gentle guide to raising your inner light – a must-read for seekers, healers and shamans alike!” ~ Sophia Fairchild, author and editor of Soul Whispers, Collective Wisdom from Soul Coaches around the World. Her stories also appear in Soul Moments, Angels 101, Coincidence or Destiny? and Travelers Tales Tuscany.


“Deborah has presented the first truly practical way to apply feng shui at the deepest level of our lives. Most people think of feng shui as rearranging the belongings in our homes. Here, Deborah shows us how to honor and bring out the best of our soul through the principles of feng shui. She shows us how to address each aspect of our lives such as relationships, creativity, abundance with honor and grace, reminding us of our true birthright and instilling courage in each of us to move ahead. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to grow to their fullest and who would like some gentle, loving guidance.” ~ Johanna Vanderpol, author of Honoring Your Emotions: Why it Matters.

Healing with Feng Shui and Colour

An introspective journey into the healing nature of colour.

Healing with Feng Shui and Color

Take an introspective journey and learn how to heal, support and honor your true essence by using colour with consciousness. From the clothing you wear, to your home décor… if you change the color, you change the energy. In this course you’ll learn to

  • Examine chi and the energy of colours.
  • Identify the colours that energize, uplift, and ground you.
  • Identify which colours drain energy, scatter energy, depress, repress, overload, and isolate.
  • Learn when too much of a particular colour can impact you negatively.
  • Discover what colours support you and create a sense of well-being for you.
  • Learn how colour heals and how to apply colour healing to your life.
  • Explore the system of elements by examining the tradition of four elements (air, water, fire and earth) observed by Native American tribes.
  • Determine which element aligns with your personality and which element aligns with each person in your home.
  • Create a floor plan and colour scheme for each room in your home. A plan that balances different elements and introduces healing colour schemes so that each person living there is supported, honoured and energized.


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“Deborah Redfern’s online course Healing with Feng Shui and Color is a wonderful addition to my feng shui education. I thought de-cluttering looked good and felt good, but it also helps me get out of a rut when I have difficulty moving forward. It also helps me heal relationships of all kinds. Deborah’s course includes meditations, affirmations, assignments, additional books and web sites for further research and a discussion forum to discuss what you’ve learned – so you can learn from others experiences. I would highly recommend this course for someone at any level of feng shui.” Yvette L.