New eBooks

I have two new ebooks I wanted to tell you about.

The Rosie Rescue by Deborah Redfern

The Rosie Rescue

The first is children’s fiction (which I enjoy reading for myself). I am one of those people who adores talking animals, and so my own pets have always had a voice, stories and adventures. This year I have published one of these stories called The Rosie Rescue.  It is exciting enough to send a story like this out into the world, but what makes this even more fun is that it is narrated! It as a digital download for the ipad-iphone with audio links on each page.  The price is $11.99 and the link to go to preview and sales page is here. The Rosie Rescue.





Heart Dance

The second is called Heart Dance, and is a companion to my book Odyssey of the Heart: Paths to Wholeness through Feng Shui. This book features my photography and quotations from the book. It is special to me because photography has become my current artistic expression. The photographs themselves were taken at The Butchart Gardens, a magical and healing place which supports the encouraging and healing quotations from my book. It is ipad/iphone compatible and sells for $5.99

You can see a preview of Heart Dance here.







© Deborah Redfern 2012. All rights reserved.

Transparency in Marketing

Sometimes I think there is a secret internet/marketing code that I missed.

Recently a notice about a fabulous trip arrived in my in-box. The email didn’t include prices, so I followed the link to the website where I had to hunt for the price. I finally found it on the Register tab.

I don’t think the intention was to hide the price, but it definitely wasn’t  transparent. The price was on a scrolling window that had a ‘busy’ graphic image behind it. The price wasn’t in larger type, bolded or in any way distinguished.

I see so many web sites that are poorly designed – I’m not talking about the appearance, but how the information is presented. It is one of the reasons I started my own web design company: Hummingbird Webworks ( if you want to check it out!)

In ‘marketing 101’ we are told to sell products and services based on their features, but I can’t remember ever hearing “make your prospective work to find the price”, or any other important information. There is a book on this subject called “Don’t Make Me Think” by Steve Krug. That captures it – well, it isn’t that I don’t want to think, but more the feeling that it is a game.

My cat thinks if she can’t see me she is invisible – so when she knows she’s been naughty she closes her eyes. It feels kind of like that. We are a society that has baggage around money, when really, it is just an exchange of energy: I want to know about the terms of the exchange of energy up front and I wonder about the reasoning of burying the sales information deep within the website, or making someone click on a “Register Now” button to figure out what the cost is.

On the other hand I’m wary of promoters who claim too loudly about being transparent: if they truly were, would they have to make it their main selling feature? A transparent offer is obvious by the way the information and the offer is presented.

I do have to wonder about this trend and who thought it was a good idea. Is it deliberate or just poor planning? Personally I just find it irritating. How about you?

© Deborah Redfern 2012. All rights reserved.