Space Clearing Workshop

Feathers and Drums used for Space Clearing

Space Clearing is a technique used to release tension that becomes ‘encoded’ in a home or workplace that can arise from emotional states – anger, negativity and fear are some common ones. These result in blocked energy. Space clearing releases these emotions and increases feelings of balance and harmony. You will learn how to prepare for Space Clearing, set the Intent or outcomes you wish to see, space clearing techniques and tools, and how to maintain the energy after your clearing.

Join me on Monday May 27 and June 3 from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. to learn this ancient art of home healing.


Victoria West Community Centre
521 Craigflower Road



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First Aid Course

On Saturday I retook my First Aid training. This time I decided to train with Alert First-Aid and their Fitness First Aid and CPR Level A. I chose this company because they are associated with the Canadian Red Cross and BCRPA – and – though I may not have mentioned it, I am taking the YMCA Group Fitness Certification training and afterwards, working to become BCRPA certified. It was a one day training and I found it quite confusing because the Instructor kept saying things like ‘you’ll learn this tomorrow’.

It turned out there were only 3 of us out of about a dozen who were taking the one day Fitness First Aid course. Most of the others were coming back on Sunday for more training and writing an exam. I was beginning to think I had read the course description incorrectly. I would have been more comfortable if the instructor had explained at the beginning that people were taking different certifications all in the same class.

Compared to the St. John Ambulance course I took last time, the equipment at Alert First-Aid was more minimal. The St. John Ambulance ‘Annie’ responded to CPR (i.e. the chest rose when doing CPR and breathing in into it); they may have had those at Alert First-Aid but the ones we worked on only gave feedback on chest compressions.  But still, it gave me quite an appreciation to remember how much effort it takes. My brain tells me that I could keep on doing CPR for a long time, but realistically I probably wouldn’t be able to go for more than 5 rounds – a round being 30 chest compressions and 2 breaths. Of course in an emergency with the adrenaline flowing, who knows? But my wrists were aching by the time we finished the CPR portion of the course.

It was also the first time I learned how to use an AED, an Automated External Defibrillator. It wasn’t a functioning unit we were practicing on, but seemed very realistic – it made all the sounds but no shock was delivered. I was very nervous about using it. There were only the 3 of us fitness teachers left at the end of the day taking this part and I was paired with the Instructor so I got to practice it twice. I was more confident the second time through, but that is when I really started to feel my wrists and shoulders. I was earnestly counting the 30 compressions doing CPR earlier in the day, but I was sore and distracted enough doing the AED that I kept losing count. The AED units do talk you through every step however, and tell you when to begin doing the compressions again, even giving you a beat to follow, and when to stop. I learned that the likelihood of reviving someone if you have an AED unit available is about 60%. With CPR alone the likelihood of reviving someone is low – however keeping someone’s blood circulating until medical attention arrives is crucial to their survival.

This is a fascinating video taken at Bondi Beach, Australia of lifeguards using AED to resuscitate a man found unconscious in the water.

Overall I was quite pleased with the course, though the building was cold and the room we were in was really dismal. It was originally a school, and I found myself wondering what classes were taught there and how bleak it must have been. But there was free coffee and tea offered at least. The instruction was quite fast paced and interactive without being intimidating. The instructor took the time to relate what we were practicing to the occupations the students were in – though the only one that came up for a fitness instructor was someone falling off a treadmill – not too likely to happen in a Nia class!

Of course a medical emergency like fainting, dizziness or disorientation (for whatever reason) can happen anywhere to anyone. It isn’t always life threatening but almost always requires some help. One time when I was singing with The Avalon Singers, a woman fainted right at the end of the concert, just after the closing song and before we took our bows. Thank goodness it was nothing serious and she regained consciousness. There was a someone in the audience with medical training and 911 was called immediately.

Really, my wish is to never need to use this first aid training – I suppose most of us feel the same – but on the other hand if anything happened to me I would be very grateful if there was someone close by who knew what to do to help. It is a karma thing.

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Nia Workshop with Deborah

with Heart Land by Tim Wheater. 

Sound holds the essence of magic

This unique Nia workshop invites you to create the essence of magic in your own life.

First you step into the beautiful story told through song. Heart Land tells the story of a warrior who has ‘laid his sword to rest and returns his soul to gentleness’ by calling down the energy of angels. It is a story of reconciling with the past, finding peace within and opening to love.

Secondly as you ‘sound’ and move with the music you become part of the story itself (click on the link above to hear samples of the music.) As I do this routine, at times I step into the shoes of the warrior, other times the voice of the tribe speaks to me, and the words of the angels resonate deeply inside. We have all, at some point in our lives have experienced all three: being the ‘warrior’, the higher voice, and the voice of the collective. 

As I listen to this music and to the ‘warrior’ creating beautiful harmonies, I find myself being transported to an ancient forest surrounded by mists. As a lover of mystery and feeling enchanted by the Mists of Avalon stories, I can well imagine what is taking place. There is a sense of coming home, both to a physical place and coming home to yourself and your true nature. It is a deeping healing experience that has the feel of a moving meditation and creating a very sacred space, a magical space.

This workshop is an opportunity to experiment with breath, sound and movement. You do not need any training in singing or movement to participate. The simple yoga-like movements help to open your throat and heart chakras, with the intent to allow a gentle coming home to yourself. And as you do so, you create your own story. The creator of this routine, Debbie Rosas Stewart, says “We tell stories with our bodies as we move; we tell stories with our voice as we sound.”

I will be introducing this routine at the Sacred Travelers Workshop, July 14-17. For more information see our website: Sacred Travelers.

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Dance and Drum Making Workshop – Special Pricing Ends February 25

Dance your bliss! Make a sacred drum! Learn how to live inside the evolving Sacred Wheel of life – the Medicine Wheel.

I am so excited and honoured to present my first workshop in Nia dance, and to be working with my good friend Neshi Lokotz who teaches drum making. Neshi and I trained together in Feng Shui and have supported each other’s work as it has evolved.

My interest has moved to personal feng shui: if our bodies are the homes of our soul, how do we feng shui that ‘house’? Working with movement and sound is the highest energy I know of to do this work:

Working with the dance of breath and sound you enter into the world of energy where the body is the transmitter to move energy in and out of the sacred in your everyday life. Your own body can be an instrument for space clearing, for inner healing, ritual, and inward journeys.

The drum has been Neshi’s grounding ally over the past year. She feels the most joy in sharing the sacred art of drum making. These drums are of the highest quality and are more valuable than anything you could buy, because your heart, soul and intentions are placed in it from the beginning of its creation. A drum like this is powerful medicine to use for space clearing, for ritual, or even private meditation and inward journeys.

Tying both of our presentations together is the Sacred Wheel or the Medicine Wheel. 

The Medicine Wheel is a tangible tool to help a person to understand how the intangible aspects of life and nature affect them. The wheel can help you to understand how you fit into your community. This is about a lifestyle as well as a cultural belief system, about how to live inside the evolving Sacred Wheel of life.

For more information on our Workshop you can go directly to our Sacred Travelers site: Drum, Dance and The Sacred Wheel. There is $100 off registration fee if you register before February 25th and you won’t want to miss it!

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