I am sitting at my living room window watching a spectacular lunar eclipse. How fortunate that it is a clear night, and that I am at home with a front row seat. As I watch, I wonder why people are so fascinated by events like these. Apart from being rare, what is the significance?

I believe it is because so much of the time we perceive ‘the sameness’ of our lives. Events that happen rarely — once every few years, or once in a lifetime — capture our imagination on the uniqueness of time.

Truthfully, life is different every second. For the most part it is imperceptible — but irrevocable change. And most of the time we miss it. Events such as an eclipse wake us up to change, a state where we consciously witness the passing of time.

Part of what I love about soul coaching is how it teaches me about change. It helps me be more in the moment, more aware of what is happening around me. My goal is always to slow down and pay attention! Tonight I can experience that. The moon is just a sliver of white now. They say it (the moon) might turn red at the peak of the eclipse. I wonder if it will tonight.

I witnessed that once, many years ago…


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