Dance your bliss! Make a sacred drum! Learn how to live inside the evolving Sacred Wheel of life – the Medicine Wheel.

I am so excited and honoured to present my first workshop in Nia dance, and to be working with my good friend Neshi Lokotz who teaches drum making. Neshi and I trained together in Feng Shui and have supported each other’s work as it has evolved.

My interest has moved to personal feng shui: if our bodies are the homes of our soul, how do we feng shui that ‘house’? Working with movement and sound is the highest energy I know of to do this work:

Working with the dance of breath and sound you enter into the world of energy where the body is the transmitter to move energy in and out of the sacred in your everyday life. Your own body can be an instrument for space clearing, for inner healing, ritual, and inward journeys.

The drum has been Neshi’s grounding ally over the past year. She feels the most joy in sharing the sacred art of drum making. These drums are of the highest quality and are more valuable than anything you could buy, because your heart, soul and intentions are placed in it from the beginning of its creation. A drum like this is powerful medicine to use for space clearing, for ritual, or even private meditation and inward journeys.

Tying both of our presentations together is the Sacred Wheel or the Medicine Wheel. 

The Medicine Wheel is a tangible tool to help a person to understand how the intangible aspects of life and nature affect them. The wheel can help you to understand how you fit into your community. This is about a lifestyle as well as a cultural belief system, about how to live inside the evolving Sacred Wheel of life.

For more information on our Workshop you can go directly to our Sacred Travelers site: Drum, Dance and The Sacred Wheel. There is $100 off registration fee if you register before February 25th and you won’t want to miss it!

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