by Deborah Redfern

With an authenticity that is refreshing, Deborah Redfern gently, yet powerfully, guides you into the mysterious arena of the bagua (the ancient energy map for the home). She goes much deeper than many feng shui books, so you can gain an intimate understanding of the true power of this time-honored system.

~Denise Linn, Author of Feng Shui for your Soul.

A book I’ve yearned to read! Let Deborah Redfern take you on a sacred journey to the seat of your soul using the spiritual template of your own home. Her Bagua Mandala decodes the ancient secrets of Feng Shui – a truly inspired tool for creating healed environments. Odyssey of the Heart is gentle guide to raising your inner light – a must-read for seekers, healers and shamans alike!

~ Sophia Fairchild, Author and Editor of Soul Whispers, Collective Wisdom from Soul Coaches around the World. Her stories also appear in Soul Moments, Angels 101, Coincidence or Destiny? and Travelers Tales Tuscany.

Deborah has presented the first truly practical way to apply feng shui at the deepest level of our lives. Most people think of feng shui as rearranging the belongings in our homes. Here, Deborah shows us how to honour and bring out the best of our soul through the principles of feng shui. She shows us how to address each aspect of our lives such as relationships, creativity, abundance with honour and grace, reminding us of our true birthright and instilling courage in each of us to move ahead. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to grow to their fullest and who would like some gentle, loving guidance.

~ Johanna Vanderpol, Author of Honouring Your Emotions: Why it Matters.

Connecting the bagua to inner knowing and positive action is a wonderful thing. So often we only think of them as a physical manifestation of the material world. Thank you for providing a means for me and my clients to look at the deeper meanings and connections of the bagua.

~ Christine Holden, Interior Alignment Practitioner.

Deborah Redfern has written a fine book on personal Feng Shui. She brings enlightened and personal glimpses into the inner workings of our environment, and how we relate to it. With every chapter she gives interesting and personal experiences from her own life, as well as charts and examples for the reader to delve into their own worlds of experience. It is truly a journey through and within one’s heart.

~ Hugh Peters, educator in the Waldorf Education System, Harp and violin maker and luthier.

Paths to Wholeness

A guide to raising your energy and healing your heart through photography and prose. With quotations from Odyssey of the Heart, Paths to Wholeness through Feng Shui and photographs by author.

Paths to Wholeness

Odyssey of the Heart by Deborah Redfern

Odyssey of the Heart

Paths to Wholeness through Feng Shui

You will be inspired to create positive change, realize your dreams, work through your fear, find your life vision, practice healthy self care, increase your self esteem, release blocked energy, and create a sense of opening in your life by journeying with the bagua map.

Odyssey of the Heart

The Rosie Rescue

Get ready for story time! This enhanced audiobook will charm you. It is an (almost) true story of Rosie, a curious cat who went seeking adventure and was rescued by her furry friends. For young ones, or young-at-heart.


The Rosie Rescue

Available as an audio enhanced ebook for iPad for $11.99.


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