Begin your colour healing experience with Feng Shui and Colour  by Deborah Redfern. 

What this ecourse will teach you:

  • About the energy of colours.
  • To find which colours energize, uplift, and ground you.
  • About colours that drain you and scatter your energy.
  • The Four Elements and color (air, water, fire and earth) observed by Native American tribes.
  • Determine which element aligns with your personality and which element aligns with each person in your home.
  • Create a floor plan and colour scheme for each room in your home. A plan that balances different elements and introduces healing colour schemes so that each person living there is supported, honoured and energized.

Colour is a powerful feng shui tool and numerous studies have shown that the colours you choose affect you on a physical, psychological and spiritual level. In short, colour can deplete, depress or enhance. From the clothing you wear, to your home décor… if you change the color, you change the energy. Learn how to bring more balance and harmony into your life by choosing colours with consciousness.

In this course you will discover whether the colours you are currently using to your sense of well-being — or not. This e-course invites you to take an introspective journey and learn ways to heal, support and honor the true essence of you using feng shui and colour.

Who is best served by this e-course?

You will be well served by this course if you wish to. . .

  • Create balance and harmony in your home to draw in new opportunities, increase abundance and success.
  • Establish a plan for home décor that honors and supports those who live there.
  • Use colors to support healing, recovery and well-being.
  • Create a ward-robe rich in colors and style that supports and honors you.
  • Learn about feng shui philosophy.

Recent Reviews of Healing with Feng Shui and Color

I found this course fascinating and fun. It was interesting to revisit the color choices in my own home and wardrobe and to examine them as they connect to the feng shui theories of energy and nature. I am certain to make my choices carefully when considering the use of color in other people’s lives in the future. The feng shui personality test and the descriptions of different energies in our individual element types were extraordinary and directly useful for me in my relationship with one of my daughters. ~ Alicia Wiltshire, Design Consultant, NY


To enroll in this home study ecourse visit Feng Shui and Colour  by Self Healing Expressions.

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