Then taking two leaves, [Aragorn] laid them on his hands and breathed on them, and then he crushed them, and straightaway a living freshness filled the room, as if the air itself awoke and tingled, sparkling with joy. And then he cast the leaves into the bowls of steaming water that were brought to him, and at once all hearts were lightened. For the fragrance that came to each was like a memory of dewy mornings of unshadowed sun in some land of which the fair world in Spring is itself but a fleeting memory. — J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King

The message in this passage from The Lord of the Rings is an important symbol: it is a sign of accepting one’s gifts, of stepping into leadership and service. Only the true King was said to have healing powers such as this, of taking a medicinal herb, combining it with inner resources to make something greater than the two separately.

This has great significance for using essential oils in Space Clearing. Is there a difference between getting a bottle of an essential oil, let’s take lavender, for example, and using it to scent the house, and using that same bottle of lavender for space clearing? Yes. The difference is Intent. Used with Intent they become sacred tools.

Imagine for a moment the life of a flower. Imagine a rose. Although the plant in which it grows may live for years, the flower, once fully open, lives but a few days or weeks. And in those few weeks they are true healing agents. The fragrance lightens hearts, the colours strengthen the energy field.

When you reflect, isn’t it something or a miracle that the essence of those flowers can be contained at all though distillation? Think of the fragility of a flower, the fleeting nature of the scent – and then the ordeal of being distilled at very high temperatures … I find it incredible. Through using essential oils with respect and awe, they become sacred tools.

Combined with our inner resources — our Intent, a synergy between practitioner and tool is created. This is where we step into our own majesty, into a role of leadership and service that Tolkien talks about because in Space Clearing, it is not the tool that does the work: it is the synergy of tool and practitioner, how the two combine to create healing energy.


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