Release. Renew. Rejuvenate.



What a difference a day makes
24 little  hours…

So the song goes. Imagine what you can do in 30 days with guidance from Feng Shui Soulutions using Feng Shui tools, techniques and symbols, combined with life coaching techniques designed to balance, open, release, and shift energy in your home – and your life. In this eCourse you will find symbols that empower you to move forward or break past obstacles, identify and release energy-draining clutter, embrace the elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Metal, learn how color can create powerful shifts in your life, create a home spirit center, and space clear your home.


You can begin your Feng Shui Soulutions – 30 Day Feng Shui Life Makeover today.



“Deborah has taken ‘dusty’ ideas from traditional feng shui and seamlessly made them sparkle, and appropriate for contemporary life. She has a unique way of presenting this material so that change seems simple, ideas seem fresh, and on top of that, everything seems so do-able.” ~ Stratton Semmes, California.


“Useful, uplifting, supportive, thought provoking course: I am truly amazed at the layers and depth of this course from the basics of feng shui…to applying them at a heart and soul level…and even a personal expression of feng shui. Even the format is easy to use.” ~ Eileen Kelz, Wisconsin.


“Your E-course is amazing Deborah! It is very thorough, insightful and full of useful exercises.  Your links to Suggested Resources are very well thought out and complement each lesson. I’m looking at my environment and self totally different!  Thank you so much for this invaluable course!” ~ Karen Jarldane, Colorado. “As I read through Deborah’s feng shui online course, I did the meditations and implemented a number of her feng shui solutions (as they applied to my home). Have you looked at your front door lately and considered its impact on your life – from a feng shui perspective? I found the lessons in this course fascinating. Over a 30 day period, she guides the learner to focus on one feng shui solution daily – one tweak you may make to your home or life. In turn, I could feel energy shifting around me as I went through this life altering process. This is truly a terrific feng shui eCourse that will help shake things up in a very positive (and fun) way!” ~ June Cook.


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