This lovely day of celebration marks the turn towards spring, the sleepy awakening of the land and the returning warmth of the sun.

You might know it as Imbolc, Candlemas – or even Groundhog Day. The ancient Irish Imbolc means ‘ewe’s milk’ because lambs were born at this time of year and the ewe’s began to give milk.

In Ireland it was known as Spring’s Beginning – even though February is the coldest month in many places, there is literally light at the end. Yesterday when I was driving to teach my Nia class I really noticed that it wasn’t dark yet!

To me, Brigit symbolises hope, the promise of abundance and plenty. For many it is a time for Spring Cleaning, and making plans. A number of years ago I wrote an article called Spring Cleaning with Intent. It is a lovely way of working with your intentions while cleaning and space clearing your home.

I found some lovely ideas for working with the energy of Brigid at The Goddess and The Greenman

A simple ceremony for Imbolc:

Prepare an area for quiet contemplation with:

  • Candle to represent the sun (or light a fire in the hearth),
  • A glass of milk to honour the returning energy.

Have a journal ready to record insights as you begin this meditation/contemplation: 

Light the candle and take a few moments to be fully in the moment and reflect on why you are here.

Questions to ask:

  • what new cycle is beginning in your life? Are there initiations, beginnings and/or resolutions; what hopes and dreams; what plans are being made?
  • what are you leaving behind, letting go of, discarding? 

~ As you record these in your journal, also turn your attention to ways you can support what is being initiated in your life.

~ Offer any prayers or songs you feel called to. A simple example might be:

Mother Earth, as the light returns and I welcome the return of spring,
I ask for your help in manifesting my plans for this season.

To close this ceremony, take a sip of the milk to honour the life from which it came. Blow out the candle or let the hearth fire go out. Some of the milk can be left outside to nourish any ‘wanderers’, be they spiritual or even the divine 4-legged variety. It is about gratitude and hope for the survival of all.

 © Deborah Redfern 2012. All rights reserved.


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