Green is the most relaxing, calming and balancing of the colors. It is a symbol of growth, fertility, harmony, hope, optimism, freedom and balance. On the cool end of the spectrum, green brings restfulness and coolness. Associated with the heart chakra, green stands for self love and love of the universe. It is the center overseeing all healing. If you have too little green in your environment, you can be indecisive and unable to relate to others. If you use too much green there is a tendency for your energy be scattered, and it can promote envy.

Healing Uses: Green helps to feel balanced. It can be used to reduce mood swings, and to increase self-esteem. Green eases the heart-ache. Green reduces pain, inflammation and irritations, and eases eyestrain. It reduces stress and high blood pressure. Green settles the digestive system, eases tiredness, headaches and neuralgia. It increases our ability to remember things. In cases of shock or nervous tension, use pale green. For increased motivation use a medium green. For emotional uncertainty, use dark green.

You can learn more about using colours for healing in my e-course Healing with Feng Shui and Color.


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