An introspective journey into the healing nature of colour.

Healing with Feng Shui and Color

Take an introspective journey and learn how to heal, support and honor your true essence by using colour with consciousness. From the clothing you wear, to your home décor… if you change the color, you change the energy. In this course you’ll learn to

  • Examine chi and the energy of colours.
  • Identify the colours that energize, uplift, and ground you.
  • Identify which colours drain energy, scatter energy, depress, repress, overload, and isolate.
  • Learn when too much of a particular colour can impact you negatively.
  • Discover what colours support you and create a sense of well-being for you.
  • Learn how colour heals and how to apply colour healing to your life.
  • Explore the system of elements by examining the tradition of four elements (air, water, fire and earth) observed by Native American tribes.
  • Determine which element aligns with your personality and which element aligns with each person in your home.
  • Create a floor plan and colour scheme for each room in your home. A plan that balances different elements and introduces healing colour schemes so that each person living there is supported, honoured and energized.


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“Deborah Redfern’s online course Healing with Feng Shui and Color is a wonderful addition to my feng shui education. I thought de-cluttering looked good and felt good, but it also helps me get out of a rut when I have difficulty moving forward. It also helps me heal relationships of all kinds. Deborah’s course includes meditations, affirmations, assignments, additional books and web sites for further research and a discussion forum to discuss what you’ve learned – so you can learn from others experiences. I would highly recommend this course for someone at any level of feng shui.” Yvette L.

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