Space clearing is a ceremony of purification with ancient origins across many different cultures, but in understanding what Space Clearing is, it helps if we first have an understanding of what we mean by the word ‘space’.

Space = something physical that we define as being ours — our area on the desk, or our own room.

Space = something non-physical, something we sense. We might say for example that someone is ‘in our space’. Usually meant negatively that someone is disrupting the energy we prefer to have around us. 

Energy is the Key

In both cases we are talking about our energy fields. An energy field is a vibration. People often have difficulty with the concept of energy and vibrations because most of us can’t see them, but almost everyone can feel them. We might not use the term ‘in my space’ to describe an uncomfortable feeling, but we have all been in places where something felt off – in other words we picked up negative ‘vibes’. What is being picked up on is the ambient energy left over from people and events. This ambient energy is emotions.


It is interesting that people can often tell what happened in a room before they got there. For example if you go into a room after there has been an argument, most people can sense it. How long the imprint stays depends on the pattern. A one-time argument isn’t likely to leave much of a pattern, but a life-time worth of emotional pain will leave an imprint, as would a one-time trauma. Having your home robbed, heaven forbid, is an example.

Energy vibrations also run through seemingly solid objects and gives them a history. Antique furniture, for example, often have definite personalities and energy patterns imprinted in them. Just touching them can give off feelings of sadness.

It is important to note that we pick up on good emotions as well. There are places that just feel good to be in. Most often I encounter them in places of nature. But people’s homes, offices, shops and restaurants also have good vibrations, especially if they are kept energetically clear on a regular basis.

Most of the time when I do a Space Clearing, there has been no energy work done on the house.  Once the energy imprint is lifted and purified, the owners can definitely keep the energy clear themselves.

The reason for this is that happiness and joy is a higher energy field than one of sadness, grief, anger, loneliness –  that is, any energy pattern that feels negative. These higher emotions are actually easier to keep intact.  What I do as a Space Clearer is change the energy pattern so that any negative elements are removed and then consciously put back that higher energy of happiness. Normally these are the home owners’ intentions and all the good things the envision happening to them in the coming weeks, months and years. 

The space is blessed and dedicated to the present owners’ wishes and dreams for their lives. Years ago in some communities, home blessings were as common as spring cleaning. Some Space Clearers call this a Blessing Ceremony and traditionally this was done when people move into a new home. Today we also provide this ceremony to help people consciously fill their homes and working places with tangible reminders of the joy and happiness they wish to honour in their lives.

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