Have you ever moved your furniture or artwork around, stepped back to see the results and knew immediately whether it was a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ by the way it felt?

Your intuition, if you listen to it, can tell you what is good feng shui and what isn’t. I often find when I do a consultation that things are pretty much arranged the way I would have suggested. Instinctively many people know what to do — they only need a professional to validate, encourage and empower them.

As a professional our role is different for those who are highly tuned in to their surroundings and already practicing instinctive feng shui. We suggest advanced feng shui cures based on the cycle of elements and work on a deeper level with intention and manifesting. Here the work is closer to a coaching relationship, working to clarify what you want to bring into or change in your life, and then working with the energy in the home so that it reflects those goals.

For example if you want a higher income and greater abundance, does everything in your surroundings reflect that, or are there symbols of scarcity or ‘lack’ throughout your space? What does abundance mean to you anyway? And what does a higher income mean? As we work on clarity in your goals, we work on the energy of the home, moving items around, adding objects or removing them.  Changes are made to dove-tail your clear intentions.

It is a magical process — but it is often not easy to do on your own because we are (all of us) so intimate with the energy patterns, the ‘clues’ if you will, in our homes that we can’t see them, unless we know how to look, or are working with a professional. Learning how to look is the greatest gift of feng shui, and the greatest challenge.

It takes us back to instinctive feng shui. The basic process is to go through your home with a high degree of awareness of what is actually there, looking to see where it feels good and where it doesn’t. As you do this process you may even begin to see pattern emerging.  Patterns can even extends to the layout of the home itself. A clue is if challenges follow you from one place to another, or you continually end up buying and decorating the same way even though you try to do it differently.

At times I feel we put symbols in our homes as lessons to learn. Until we really see and acknowledge them the patterns keep reappearing. Once they are clearly seen and understood we can let them go and move on to creating a new structure with energy patterns that are aligned with our goals and what is important to us.


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