I asked on Facebook so it must be true: you still use a paper planner/datebook. I’ve been making these for a few years for family and friends – sort of like my version of the letter Christmas card. As photography is one of my hobbies I was just itching to do something more with them. One thing lead to another and here I am offering you this lovely (if I do say so myself) planner published by Blurb and, by the way, the quality is super.

This year’s planner is called Flowers of Butchart Gardens and features (you guessed it) photos taken at Butchart Gardens here on Vancouver Island. The front cover photo is one of the season’s Himalayan Blue poppies that Butchart Gardens are famous for, at least in this part of the world. You can see the full book preview here and all the 30+ flower beauties. If you visit my page at Blurb, be sure to say hello! Not that it is a contest or anything, but it *is* nice to know.

I feel it is rather crude to come right out and say buy-my-book (please) so I’ll just say the cost and shipping details are on the preview pane and leave it at that.

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