floorplay_fun_BeyondRoutine-3309I just realized this morning browsing the net that I’m on the cusp of being woman on a mission. I am usually more of a middle-of-the-road ‘you decide’ kind of person, but you know that point you get to where things start coming together and it forces you to make more of a stand? When you start noticing things and say, hey wait a minute, who said that was a good idea? That’s where I am. Because…

There is just so much nonsense out there.

Nonsense about what we need

Photograph by Nianow.com. Used with permission.

to do to be healthy in body.

A case in point: last month a very well conditioned 60ish woman came to a  demo I was having and as soon as she saw the yoga mats she said, “oh I don’t exercise on the floor.” I asked her why and I got a 15 minute history of what she’s done in the past, how she needs lots of high cardio, but she had a fall last year and hurt her hip and can’t do Zumba any more. What she couldn’t or wouldn’t accept is the possibility of being able to condition her body without exhausting it or putting herself at risk of more injury.

The fact is if you can no longer get on the floor, that’s a really good reason to take a class that will help you regain strength and mobility in those areas. Forget the cardio and the burn! Concentrate on being able to move, even if it isn’t pretty. Especially if it isn’t pretty.

Yesterday in Nia class the focus was on agility and we went down to the floor and got up. A lot. I could see that for a couple of participants that it was a challenge but in the long term they will benefit more from being able to do the basics than almost anything else. My intent and hope is to awaken awareness in the body and rediscover child-like movement.

So let me be clear: I don’t exercise, I move my body. If you are moving and functioning, no matter what shape you are in, or what conditions you have, you can move your body, so move it as much as you can, in as many different ways as you can.


Photograph by Nianow.com. Used with permission.











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