Do you struggle with keeping the promises you’ve made to yourself, such as eating a healthy diet, exercising, spending time with loved ones or taking time to follow your passions interests? Do you procrastinate, get caught up in routine or fall into habits because you frequently feel overwhelmed?  Keeping your promise to yourself is incredibly empowering but it isn’t always easy.

One of my personal challenges is procrastination. For example, I know I feel better when I write every day but it often it feels like a luxury that I can’t afford: other things frequently seem more important and pressing. We are all doing our best to balance the demands on our time, and we all have periods in our life that get out of balance. At one time or another we will all face deadlines, schedules that are too full, emergencies and crises.

At such times, going with the flow seems to be the best solution, but it only works for the short term. Following the path of least resistance might mean not taking time out to write, exercise, eat healthily, spend time with loved ones. Other symptoms include frequently getting take out food, skipping meals or eating junk food instead of cooking, or crashing in front of the television after a stressful day, instead of going for a walk. It is all too easy to get caught up in it at the risk of it becoming a new unhealthy habit that has consequences for your physical, mental and emotional health. Sometimes, living in crisis mode becomes the habit because I will admit there is a certain amount of excitement and ‘living on the edge’ about it.

Resisting ‘go with the flow’ can have its own sweet consequences however.  It means not struggling with your inner needs but instead surrendering to your higher purpose where there is nothing is in your way—you are crystal clear and focused about what brings you the most health.  And it all begins with your commitment to yourself that you are important and worth it.

If you haven’t yet identified what that is, today is the perfect day to make an empowering change in your life. Research has shown that it takes 28 days of repeatedly doing something to make it stick. Beginning today, ask yourself what empowering change you could make (or two, or three) that will enhance your life. It could be deciding to do something (like my writing) or deciding to stop doing something (like watching too much television). It works either way. Break a habit, make a new habit. Become more discriminating with how you spend your time.

Give your word to yourself that you will keep your word for the next 28 days. These following steps may help you keep this promise:


  1. Choose the area or areas that you would most like to address.
  2. Write it down and post it where you can see it every day.
  3. Write it in the present tense, such as:  ‘I am committed to writing for at least ten minutes today.”
  4. Treat every day as a new beginning and renew your commitment every day.

But, if for some reason you couldn’t do it, forgive yourself and keep going. Commitment is a day by day process and you can start again the next day.





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