How do You learn?  Are you:

  • Visual
  • Verbal
  • Aural
  • Physical or Kinesthetic
  • Logical or Spatial
  • Social
  • Soliltary
  • Musical


Brian Walsh in Unleashing Your Brilliance, calls these learning styles “learning intelligences’. He says,

Most of us are a mixture of all the intelligences, usually displaying a particular aptitude for a few. Occasionally, there are cases where people develop a single strong intelligence without developing others, such as the character payed by Dustin Hoffman in the role of the so-called idiot savant – in the movie Rainman, who displayed pure logical-mathematical intelligence.

Curious about my own learning intelligence, I took this on-line test at Learning Styles Assessment. In this test you get not only your predominant learning style (mine is verbal) but your strength in all categories. You can then go to a page that gives you more information on how to work with each learning style.

My Score

  • Visual 10/20
  • Aural 15/20
  • Verbal 18/20
  • Physical 12/20
  • Logical 9/20
  • Social 13/20
  • Soliltary 15/20


The only real surprise is that I did not score higher on visual learning which I relate to being an artist and appreciating beauty. Actually what they call visual, I would call spatial and includes such things as reading maps and sense of direction. I am one of those people who get off an elevator and do not know which way to turn instinctively. I have to use other skills to learn it such as verbal cues.

Try the test out and share your results. Where there any surprises? Did you have an aha! moment of why you are good at certain things, or react in particular ways? I find this subject fascinating and would love to have a discussion with you about it!


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