When I am looking through the lens of a camera I am often struck by what is really there. When I looked into this shop window, my eyes didn’t register the reflections of the building across the street, or the trucks and cars passing by. But it all was there as you can see by this photo which records everything.

For whatever reason, there are things around us that our eyes and mind simply ignore.  But it doesn’t mean they have no impact. Our moods for example are intimately connected to our surroundings.

Are you amazed, as I am by this ability we have to block out the ‘chattter’ in the background? Imagine what you aren’t seeing around your home or your office? The most difficult part of feng shui is learning to see. This is why it is more difficult — even for a trained feng shui consutant — to work on their own home. Taking photographs is a good way to work because we look at photographs with a degree of objectivity.


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