j0399948There is a power to a passion. Think of taking back our power and owning our gifts. Good stuff! But with power comes responsibility.

The flip side is misusing your passion, your bliss — to retreat into your own world. It can take many different forms. For example we can get into a state of self importance when we are up against a deadline, and neglect other important aspects of life such as our relationships.

I often work long hours, but so do most of us these days. The concern is identifying with the work more than any other thing, in other words, work, even if it is your passion can become habitual and addictive. I’d rather be writing and editing than taking time out to go for a walk, and sometimes even eat. And in an over busy work mode we might not be ‘there’ for our families: sometimes virtually and sometimes mentally: while we might be there physically taking care of their needs (cooking and cleaning, etc.) our minds are elsewhere. Family and relationships can get demoted and in this heightened self important state they can actually feel like a hindrance. If you have ever been on the receiving end of that one, when the feeling you get is that you are not as important as finishing this report is – especially if it becoming a habit, you know it doesn’t feel very good.

Work and life balance is so important: quality time away from the work, giving yourself fully to your family, taking care of your body and mind exercise and meditation, contemplation, and time spent in nature. In other words, balance is needed to ensure that you do not begin to identify more with your passion and your work, more than anything else.


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