I have colleagues in Restorative Exercise™ who pretty much have a no-furniture life-style.  (I’m not sure if that makes moving easier — seems to me it was all the little things that were the big headaches.)  I really want one of those – even before I started studying RE I became very excited when I saw the garage main-living-area-dance-studio Reno in the movie Silver Linings Playbook. While there is a spot here and there large enough to lay down a yoga mat, this
isn’t my dream space movement-wise and honestly a furniture free home wouldn’t work at the moment. On the other hand, a girl has her needs.  Mine is to have a space to move in, not only to exercise, but to change my position.


I sit or kneel on the floor to eat, read, play my ukulele, or to just daydream, and I’m known to squat for no apparent reason at all.

So I coined the term Moveable Space for those of us who see the value of a no-furniture room but who aren’t there yet and may never be. Moveable Space(s) can convey a few different ideas. The primary one is furniture that can be moved, become smaller or disappear to create an open space. Furniture that disappears would be like a Murphy Bed and believe me, we’ve thought about replacing our bed with one of those. We can’t currently because among other things, my gorgeous massage table that I didn’t know what to do with is under the bed. (I’m breaking feng shui rules left and right!)

I’ve been learning to make interior design choices that allow me to create a floor space at a moment’s notice and it is our storage spaces that makes this work. Our side tables are actually over-size bedroom night tables with 2 generous drawers. We each have a set and the rule is whatever you have that you want to keep goes there, and when they are full there are decisions to make about what to keep.

Not storage spaces, and even though we have two sofas at the moment, I’ve learned that a chair (a nice wing back or tub chair, no lazy-boys for me) can be slid off to the side  into the corner, especially when you put wool sliders under them. Being light enough to push is key.  Our coffee tables/foot rests ARE storage spaces and are very moveable. They are hollow (the bases actually fold up into the lid) and we use them for storage. Bruce’s contains computer stuff and mine has a meditation cushion and blankets.

So here is where I am right now. With chair and tables slid out of the way I have a generous space for exercise; room enough for a yoga mat for me and possibly a friend and definitely enough space to do a Nia class. My RE equipment, the block, dome and strap you see on the mat, is put away in the bureau to the right of the grey sofa.

Most of the time 😉

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