Thoughts and stories about how we've made the body we live in, and how we can change it cell by cell, through conscious movement.
Ageless and Well Making a Room Movement Friendly

Making Room for a Movement Practice

Carving out a space for a movement practice in a smaller space can be a bit of a challenge. It would be great to have a dedicated movement practice space, but what I have is a living room. I want my place to feel 'homey', but I want some bare floor space too, without...
Agelss and Well Clothing and Health

Restrictive Clothing – What it Does to your Body

Wearing restrictive clothing is related to a host of health problems. A couple of weeks ago I posted on my Facebook page that I changed into another outfit before noon. There wasn't anything wrong with what I had on, except I was in discomfort. There is a very good...
Letting Go Autumn and Breath Work

Letting Go: Autumn, Giving Thanks, and Breath Work

The season of Autumn is connected with the element of Metal in Chinese medicine and is related to letting go of things you no longer need: of ideas that are limiting, of regrets, old hurts, grief and a sense of loss. The central organ associated with the...

Shopping for Food to Get More Movement

When I was a kid my mother did a big grocery shop once a week. She made a plan of what we were going to eat for the week, and except for stocking up on milk, that was about it - she didn't usually go back to the store for more. (Of course there were a lot of reasons...
Photography by Deborah Redfern Standing Work Station

Train for your Standing Workstation.

Devices for turning your desk into a standing workstation are popular right now; I have one myself and it is so good to have the variation. But here is something you should know about standing work stations

Movement and agelessness go together: We want to be strong, resilient, maintain and increase our mobility and balance.
Strength, resilience, mobility and balance are the cornerstones of aging well so you can do what you love.

These stories are about moving, how to move and what to wear (I’m not talking about fashion!)

You will also find exercises to target common problems, as well as tips for building more movement opportunities into your day — and your life.


Take your (Movement) Vitamins

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Watch your habits, for they become your posture. Watch your posture, for it creates your boundaries. Watch your boundaries, for they restrict your growth. Watch your restrictions, for they create immobility. Watch your immobility, for it becomes your illness.
~ Katy Bowman.
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