Curious about what participants in my Nia classes say? Here is a selection of class reviews.

“Nia is very rewarding, both physically and spiritually. I feel that Nia class has given me back my flexibility.”   Christine.

“I am finding my Nia Class with Deborah to be a joyful, enjoyable way to get exercise. I feel both invigorated and mellow after class.”   Cathy.

“Nia Dance Class with Deborah is interactive and inspiring. Deborah is clear with her instruction and makes the class fun while helping us get a good workout. I am very pleased to be a participant.”   Pat.

“Nia is a great and effective way to start moving again after an injury. Not even yoga feels as freeing and rewarding. I am regaining strength and flexibility while having a great time dancing and moving how my body wants to move.”  Karen.

Nia is an enjoyable hour of stretch and movement. The Latin American rhythms and dance steps challenge the coordination. I feel quite relaxed afterwards and think that I shall do this more often!”  Graham.

“I have always wanted to exercise on a regular basis, but have found many types of programs are either too hard on my body (especially my knees) or move too quickly with too many complicated steps. I love to dance, and have found the Nia classes to satisfy my enjoyment and still give me a good workout without stressing my body”.   Rita.

“I loved the class and definitely want to continue. The timing worked well for me and I found Deborah’s instructions to be clear. It was particularly helpful to know that I could adapt the movements to my fitness level and I appreciated Deborah’s support in giving people permission to do what they wanted if a particular move was too difficult.”   Pam.

“Nia is relaxing and fun. I had a gentle but a good workout.”    Kumiko.

“My experience of Nia with Deborah is that it is fun, safe and exactly what I need right now.”   Laura.

“Nia is an interesting mix of disciplines which was great exposure if wanting to pursue any one in-depth or continue with the varied range offered. The class enabled me to get my balance back which was a great step considering the length of the class!”   Susan.

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