It will be my one-year Nia White Belt Anniversary this weekend.

At first I thought that teaching Nia would be like any other new teaching credential I’ve taken – a lot of preparation time involved to be sure – but it soon became apparent that my new ‘credential’ was offering me much more than a new teaching gig.

I could write pages about the insights teaching Nia has given me; Let me just say it is deep and it is all good. It seems to just keep giving me back more as I continue to open and trust the process. 

In  a Nia workshop I recently took with Nia trainer Loretta Milo, we discussed the teaching fears – the gremlins – around teaching. They happen with teaching other classes as well, and now I know it isn’t just me! They are things like: “They won’t like me; I’ll forget everything”; No one will come back.”

So, this week in class (the 2nd week for new students) everyone was late arriving and that thought did cross my mind, that maybe they didn’t like Nia or me, and maybe they aren’t coming back. Well, everyone did come to class, but as I was waiting, I remembered what Loretta said: if one – or even all – of those things happen – I still get to dance. That is one amazing benefit of teaching a class like Nia!

This weekend I will be celebrating my one-year anniversary by auditing this year’s White Belt class with Martha Randall, making new friends, re-connecting with my classmates from last year, and most of all, dancing!

And I have a wonderful fall teaching line up to look forward to, with two new classes and locations, and workshops to plan.  How I love my job!

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