with Heart Land by Tim Wheater. 

Sound holds the essence of magic

This unique Nia workshop invites you to create the essence of magic in your own life.

First you step into the beautiful story told through song. Heart Land tells the story of a warrior who has ‘laid his sword to rest and returns his soul to gentleness’ by calling down the energy of angels. It is a story of reconciling with the past, finding peace within and opening to love.

Secondly as you ‘sound’ and move with the music you become part of the story itself (click on the link above to hear samples of the music.) As I do this routine, at times I step into the shoes of the warrior, other times the voice of the tribe speaks to me, and the words of the angels resonate deeply inside. We have all, at some point in our lives have experienced all three: being the ‘warrior’, the higher voice, and the voice of the collective. 

As I listen to this music and to the ‘warrior’ creating beautiful harmonies, I find myself being transported to an ancient forest surrounded by mists. As a lover of mystery and feeling enchanted by the Mists of Avalon stories, I can well imagine what is taking place. There is a sense of coming home, both to a physical place and coming home to yourself and your true nature. It is a deeping healing experience that has the feel of a moving meditation and creating a very sacred space, a magical space.

This workshop is an opportunity to experiment with breath, sound and movement. You do not need any training in singing or movement to participate. The simple yoga-like movements help to open your throat and heart chakras, with the intent to allow a gentle coming home to yourself. And as you do so, you create your own story. The creator of this routine, Debbie Rosas Stewart, says “We tell stories with our bodies as we move; we tell stories with our voice as we sound.”

I will be introducing this routine at the Sacred Travelers Workshop, July 14-17. For more information see our website: Sacred Travelers.

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