It is the mark of an affluent society to have so many choices on what to eat, and the leisure to consider it at length.

At times the choices can seem overwhelming and the concept of eating well means different things to different people. It can be taken to mean gourmet food or the slow food revolution; it can mean eating to promote health  and the idea of food as medicine. Another way of looking at eating well is making choices that support the environment.

Although my vegetarian (mostly vegan) diet is for health reasons I recently picked up a book called The Everything Vegan Cookbook by Jolinda Hacket that gave me some additional  insights on the effects of a vegan diet. She says,

As a vegan, you personally save the lives of approximately eighty-three animals a year, reduce your carbon output by an average of 3,000 pounds, and conserve 1.4 million gallons of water a year.

Eighty-three animals a year! That really grabbed me. Switching to a vegan diet has, Hacket says, a greater impact that eating locally grown food and driving a hybrid rather than a SUV. A vegan diet can also be slow food. Even when my meal is a green smoothie I find I tend to savour the different flavours that emerge. I’ve been noticing that the slow-food and vegan/raw food worlds are colliding with interesting recipe books and combinations I would never have thought to put together. Although cooking is not my passion, I love looking at recipe books and especially pictures of food. One website I really enjoy is by the Alkaline Sisters. Great recipes and great photographs! I’ve tried quite a few of the recipes and love their vegan pancake recipe!


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