All of Humanity is my Beloved Family

We are one tribe. I cherish our unity. We are united by our suffering and by our joy. One life flows through all life. One heart holds every heart. The loss I sustain today is the beginning of a larger, wiser and kinder tomorrow. It is a part of the dignity of those we lose that go forward bearing them as loving treasures in our hearts. I cherish those whom I carry in my heart. I honor their thoughts, their wisdom, their guidance, and their support. I bring them forward through my actions towards the future they empowered.


~ Julia Cameron, Blessings: Prayers and Dedications for a Heartful Life

This blessing by Julia Cameron is beautiful and poignant, and especially good for placing on a healing altar. What I love about this blessing is that it does not separate me from the person who is requesting healing. We are one. Today I support you; tomorrow it may be your turn to support me. This blessing also speaks to those who are grieving the pain of loss, perhaps the death of a loved one. But in our hearts their essence carries on: they go forward as ‘loving treasure in our hearts’.


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