I don’t watch television – (‘Frasier’ was just finishing, that’s how long ago it was) so I don’t get to see much of the Oprah television show.  Clearly I’ve been missing out because when I tuned in to watch Eckart Tolle discuss A New Earth with Oprah, she said something I thought was profound on the first chapter segment (and she has every week since).

That first night she was sharing her concern that she couldn’t have a book as spiritually deep as A New Earth as her book club selection. She said:

Wait a minute, I’m Oprah. I can do anything I want.

Well of course she can. She certainly has the resources to make that possible. I found myself thinking about what she said and it struck me as having a deep inner truth. In a sense we are all ‘Oprahs’. In our universe we are the ones deciding what happens. Well, much of it anyway. Think of all the decisions — some small and others large — you make every day.

The question is, are you making these decisions consciously or are you getting caught up in ‘shoulds’ that lead you to go down a path that doesn’t support you?  It is very easy to get caught up in our own self-created dramas.

For example this afternoon I was putting together an outline for an upcoming course but noticed there was little enthusiasm around it. It was almost like checking something off my to-do list. In trying to figure out what was off balance, I realised it was the delivery method that was off, not the content.

A light bulb suddenly went on: “Wait a minute, I’m Deborah. I can do anything I want!” With this realization all the excitement, enthusiasm and the desire to serve — the life force — flowed back into my project.

It isn’t until we experience what we do not want that we create the room for what we really want to flow into our lives.

We then must give ourselves permission to go in this new direction. So thank you Oprah for the message. I truly heard it.

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