I think I am in love with organization systems! A year living in a RV gave me a taste for ‘organizers’ and even though we now live in a (relatively) spacious condo, I haven’t lost the taste, that feeling that I could gather up whatever I am working on, or is currently close to my heart, put it in my backpack and be on my way.

When it comes right down to it, do we really need so much? Ask yourself what you would take with you if you had to vacate your home in an emergency. (Beyond the necessary – important documents that would be difficult to replace, medications, etc – what personal things would give you comfort?) Those are probably the things which are closest to your heart. Would it give you peace of mind to know you could gather them quickly?

When I saw a system called GRID-IT™ in a magazine, my organizer antenna went up. GRID-IT™ (as I gather from the photograph) has overlapping horizontal and vertical elastic straps that you slot your stuff into. The one I saw one in a magazine held art supplies – pencils, tubes of paint, brushes and paper. On the website, they show them holding all your computer paraphernalia (no more searching in the bottom of the bag for the power supply). I thought about the emergency question. I know (usually) where my iPhone is, but finding the accessories that go with it (power adapter, cables, earphones) – all those bits and pieces that I seem to forever be hunting for – I would probably end up not having because they aren’t well organized.

It is a neat idea! I am wondering what other things I could use it for. It would definitely be handy for the purse — no more worrying about my cell phone falling out of my bag, And there is one made for a suitcase which would be great for travelling!

Does anyone have any favourite organization systems they’d like to share?


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