This is our one month anniversary of moving to Vancouver. I don’t know if any move is easy but I can tell you that moving into a smaller space is a bit of a shock. Coming in around the 500 square feet mark, we are officially tiny apartment dwellers. Some things that make it better are large windows with plenty of light and full wall mirrors in our bedroom: I know, so un-feng shui! It is the first time we’ve really encountered them and it is interesting but that is a topic for a different post.

So here are the photos!

Like most homes, this is a work in progress. I can tell you it was a month-long, full-time job to get this far, and that there were many trips to the local charity shop to pass along some treasures, but mostly things I no longer had a use for that came along for the ride. There are a few things to still figure out but for now, we feel settled.

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