It was an overcast and chilly May week, good for taking snaps and cocooning at home – but venture out I did to run errands downtown and hanging out in the neighbourhood on the weekend.


I went downtown for a hair cut and passed this place (and wished I was going there, instead.)

I Love Crumb

And then, here, which is right next door.

Blue Berries

Instead, I went home and had some of these.


The next day was the annual West End Car Free Day, where the whole of Denman Street, from Robson to Davie, is filled with vendors and community groups.

And we did have some of this from one of the neighbourhood gelato stores.


And this American Robin.

Stanley Park Ducks

Afterwards we walked through Stanley Park and saw this family of ducks.


We saw the last of this years’ Rhododendrons,

Fox Gloves

And the first of the Fox Gloves.


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