Earlier this year I got a wonderful gift any micro-business owner would be thrilled to receive: a Royal Roads Communication student, Rachel Penner, chose my business to do her course practicum. Rachel and I worked together to define a positioning statement, design a new logo and tag line, and last, but not least, she took new head shots for me.

One of my goals was to have a concise image between my two websites (www.deborahredfern.com and www.fengshuistudies.com) and my social media sites. I wanted the logos and colour schemes between my two websites to look similar but each to keep their own energy and feel.

I chose orange because it is the colour for community.  Orange is outgoing and expansive. It is about how you see yourself in relation to others — how you communicate, relate and socialize. It is also a great colour for lifting depression because it is  joyful and creative. I love the logo, the trailing spiral which remind me of the holy sparks:


We are holy sparks thrown out from a great luminescent source. The intensity of those sparks is up to each individual.
~ from Odyssey of the Heart, Paths to Wholeness through Feng Shui

full-logo-and-name-high-res no tagWe chose ‘healing movement’ as my tag line because it kept coming up in our conversations, describing what I do, creating physical movement with fitness classes, and feng shui too, but also movement on the emotional, spiritual and mental levels. The second tag ‘your energy, your way’ also came out of our conversations.

In my work I think of myself as an ally. My style has been described as gentle and through that I want to convey the message that there is no one right way to healing for everyone and what works for me, may not work for my clients. Ultimately we are the experts in our own healing, even though sometimes it may not feel like that. When we get in a stuck place, part of the healing process is finding our way back to our inner wisdom. And…there are a lot of ways to get there.

So this, friends, is my public unveiling of countless hours of work, playing with my new web-template, an exciting (to a web-goddess, anyway) colourful, creative blog format. My site has been maintenance mode for a few days while I did the main work of the conversion, and I am still doing a few tweaks here and there but for the most part, the site is up and running.

Feedback appreciated!





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