My business habits were getting out of control.

With the launch of my Nia fitness classes this week, I was looking at maintaining at least 4 different websites, 2 Facebook Business pages and multiple email signatures. Getting newsletters out became difficult. (Err, which hat am I wearing today?) And forget about describing what I do!

Several times at networking events,  ‘enrolled’ as my jewellery-lady persona, I was gently asked by friends who knew me ‘before’ to tell what I ‘really’ did, i.e. to talk about my feng shui business, my books and courses. Now, not being one to shy away from an opportunity to talk about my work this was fine, but at the same time it gave me mixed feelings, like serious writers/healers shouldn’t be getting into wacky things like selling jewellery. Or something like that. You could see people thinking: why is someone with published books selling jewellery? Answer: it is light hearted, it is about women connecting: it’s fun!

An impromptu session with a coach got me thinking about all this, getting back to basics as it were. What is the underlying thing that motivates me? It has always been about healing in one way or another; healing for me personally first, and then sharing my observations and adventures with others. The teachers and coaches I’ve known do the same thing. In fact I can’t think of any reason why a person would go through all this only to heal someone else. It has to be for themselves first as the doorway to discovery.

And with this in mind I asked myself, do I need to compartmentalize what I do? Can I be a writer who offers jewellery for sale and teaches dance? And a coach who uses feng shui and astrology? And sometimes, an artist? Because there are times when I think all I need to do is join Epicure and I’d have an ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ moment. I love it all, and all is a part of me. But trying to keep it separate has been sucking the life out of each one, even with the ‘passive’ work (i.e. e-courses.)

So the question was put out there: how do I combine these things I’m interested in that have brought joy and healing in my life? And the answer came in dreamtime. First I was shown the four elements representing Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions. 

  • Body – healing through movement (Nia Dance)
  • Mind – healing though intropsection (coaching techniques, my self help courses, books, working with Archetypes and Astrology)
  • Emotions – healing through sensing/feeling (feng shui, space clearing)
  • Spirit – healing through the pleasure principle (outward expression of joy, i.e. jewellery, clothing, colours).

I love this: Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions connected – not compartmentalized. It also brings in the 4 elements  that I’ve been working with for many years: body is the earth element, mind is the air element, emotions is the water element, and spirit is the fire element. And astrology is based on the 4 elements, the colour theory I use is based on the 4 elements — oh it is just too delicious!

Okay if this is the theme, what is the name of it (I asked)? Out of the ethers came Creative – no, make that Cre8ive, because 8 represents abundance, leadership, self power and cosmic consciousness. It is a good fit for me, astrologically speaking. And if I had to choose one word to describe myself, that would be it: creative. I like it — enough to commit to it — which is the thing. Changing an existing business is not always and it puts me in a vulnerable position. On the other hand I feel like I have a lot of freedom now, to develop the types of services that are really interesting to me, without feeling like I have to do a fancy juggling act.

This explains the changes you are seeing, as it unfolds and settles into being. Just in case you were curious! Now I have a bit of cleaning up to do, for one the front page of my site needs to be rewritten. Do you have any ideas for me? If you haven’t browsed my site in a while I’d appreciate you taking a few moments to see what is new and give me feedback. You can leave a comment on this blog post or email me privately. Thanks!

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