Did you take the Natural Movement quiz?  My score, in care you are wondering is about 12-13.  Following up on this theme here is another quiz from Katy Bowman on how much time you are sitting.

To reduce your risk of CV disease, you do not have to exercise more (read: sweaty, scheduled, and requiring a new outfit), you simply have to stop sitting for such a high percentage of the day. ~Katy Bowman

The “How Much Do I Sit” Quiz.

I have been doing a lot of sitting lately because I’m editing the course I began sometime in 2013 and I’m determined to finish it before the year end (which for me is the end of November since I’m taking December for vacation).

Now, I can do email standing up, sitting on the floor, while doing calf stretches – all of that, but I sit down to write. Writing is hard enough as it is.

I do make breaks. Right now the chocolate is across the room in a drawer so I am forced to get up every five minutes or so, until the chocolate runs out. Then I’ll have to invent a new game. I do try to multi-task by getting my evening TV watching and eating dinner at the same time (but it is hardly anything to brag about). When I’m alone during the day I often eat standing up usually while catching on mail and newsgroups and doing some foot and leg stretches.

So this week at least (second day in a row where I haven’t gone out of the house) I’m (conservatively) chocking up about 280 minutes sitting time and following Katie’s formula, I’m active 51% of the day.  I’d like to keep a log of sitting time to know what my habits really are.

How about you? Does your natural movement picture look different when you count your sitting time?



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