Let’s face it. Some things are hard to let go of, even when they no longer serve a purpose in our lives and could — in all respects of the word — be called clutter. Maybe they are even gifts you’ve received which you never liked, but the person who gave it to you holds a special place in your heart. What do we do with these things?

One way to honour items you no longer wish to keep,  but are or once were meaningful Рperhaps even cherished Рis to do a very simple space clearing ceremony that consists of making a blessing altar. This is a lovely thing to do because objects that have been space cleared are very auspicious gifts to give and some of your energy has gone into the item to be passed to new owners. Here is how:

1. Make the objects you are letting to part of or the main aspect of a blessing altar.

2. Take photographs either of the items on your blessing altar or on their own.

3. Honour and bless for the item(s) for the loving intent behind them d the person who gave it to you.


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