It has been a challenging week, one of those where the flow wasn’t there. Things took longer to do than usual, equipment failed, my brain wasn’t working too well with muddy thinking and my body wasn’t too happy with physical aches and pains. I decided to stop fighting it and to take a step back to see what was going on.

Early in the week, after finishing teaching an Advanced Interior Alignment™ course, I needed a few days of down time, so out came my paints and I played very happily with that for a day. I had little piles of painting stuff scattered around the dining room and living room when I was finished and I didn’t clear up because I thought I might want to paint again the next day.

On the weekend I went to a trade show and brought back pamphlets and a few treasures…which were dumped on the kitchen table and on chairs as well. Later in the week I worked on a clayart jewellery piece. Luckily that doesn’t take up much space, but the evening I worked on my new pendant, my clayart stuff was on the dining room table, most of which was put away at the end.

This pattern continued all this week until everywhere I looked there was something needed to be picked up, thrown out or put away. Yesterday was perhaps the ‘worst’ day in a long time, production wise. My computer crashed several times in the middle of a print job and I got a headache that would not leave. Finally, enough is enough! I was experiencing a bad case of negative house vibes! Time to Space Clear.

The first step in Space Clearing is physically cleaning the house. So last night I spent several hours putting it all right again and getting the energy settled down. I had actually been [tag]clutter clearing[/tag] this week as well, and perhaps I stirred up more than I realised, and it was definitely not helped by having the art projects around.

When you are cleaning and clearing things may get temporarily worse before they get better. Some people call this a healing crisis which is why I recommend that when people clear clutter, they go slowly. Like a lot of other practitioners, I sometimes need a reminder of why I give that advice. Knowing it exists doesn’t make one immune from the effects of a healing crisis! Getting zapped is a good reminder but it is not much fun.

This morning the energy feels much better. There are still a few tiny unfinished jobs, but just seeing my dining room table totally clear with a beautiful table runner on it is very settling. When I finish tidying up the rest of the house I will do a Space Clearing to settle and transform any remaining discordant energy. Physical cleaning of your home is a necessary first step in space clearing. No matter how strong your intent or how good a space clearer you are, settling the energy is very difficult if the house is messy.

© Deborah Redfern, 2008. All rights reserved.

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