It is that time of year again. Even me, who doesn’t particularly enjoy cleaning (especially doing those repetitive tasks like washing dishes and sweeping floors) gets an urge to clean and clear as soon as Spring arrives.

Actually I think cleaning is great. As a professional Space Clearer, I know that cleaning shifts energy that uplifts the energy, and makes each room sparkle. I know that a thorough house cleaning makes the effects of Space Clearing deeper and longer-lasting. (A Space Clearer works on energy fields and removes stagnant energetic vibrations from a building.)

I found myself thinking that since house cleaning on its own shifts energy, cleaning with Intent would naturally have very powerful results and be beneficial for those who were not able to have a Space Clearer come in to clear their house for them. Here are some simple and effective suggestions to make spring cleaning not only more meaningful, but more enjoyable.

1. Set your Intent while you clean

Take some time to consider your Life Vision and hold that thought as you go about cleaning. To set your Intent, hold a vision of how you want your life to be. That vision might be a home that exudes love and harmony. Or perhaps you want your home to be a creative sanctuary. When you clean with your Life Vision firmly in mind the energy this creates actually goes into your living space.

2. Use Affirmations

  • While you clean, try using these affirmations, or write some of your own:
  • With each window I clean, my inner vision becomes more clear and focused.
  • As I polish and dust my furniture I give thanks for the blessings in my life.
  • As I wash my dishes I let go of any self-limiting thoughts.
  • As I sweep the floors, I affirm that this work creates a sanctuary for all who enter this house.

3. Use imagery

Your Imagination is powerful and can help you to clean your house energetically. For instance, imagine a column of pure white light from the sun (moon, stars) that comes shining through your roof and fills your home until it glows. Imagine this cleansing, renewing and healing light pouring in until you can sense a shift in the energy.

4. Use the Healing Power of Nature

While you clean, invite the healing forces of the four elements into your home – air, water, fire and earth. Not only will it help you clean your home, but it has a powerful cleansing and renewing affect on your body, mind and soul.

Air (Sound)

Did you know that sound waves pass through physical forms and change the vibrational frequency of your home? As you clean, choose music to suit the mood and make your task lighter and mood brighter. Especially effective are recorded bird song; classical and baroque music such as Bach, Mozart, and Brahms; and human voice such as Gregorian chant.


Water is essential for our survival. It is obvious that we use water when we clean, but how often do we take it for granted? To give water its rightful respect, consider making ‘special’ water. Pour a pitcher of water and bless it through meditating on it or sending it prayers.

Or add flower essences (such as Bach Flower Remedies) to create cleaning water which contains the properties of the flower remedy. You can also use essential oils. A few drops of lemon pine or lavender added to your cleaning water is appropriate.


The energy of Earth provides us with an important source of belonging and grounding that anchors the energy of each of the other elements. To work with the energy of the earth we use salt. Salt is cleansing and grounding, and believed to have the ability to neutralize negative energy.

Salt can be used in several different ways. Left in bowls around the house is one way. Some traditional space clearing with salt is done by tossing handfuls of sea salt around the room on the floor, especially in the corners.

Leave to sit for several hours or overnight and then remove the salt in the bowls, sweep or vacuum it up.


Fire is the easiest of elements to work with in the Spring, because Spring is a time of the return of light. The main source of fire in our lives is sun. Welcome the return of the sun into your home by washing and opening windows.

In a historical sense, we honour the element of fire by all our Spring cleaning activities because in the days when homes were heated by coal or wood, the interiors became coated with smoke and grime by the time Winter was over. With the coming warmer weather the hearth fire could go out and everything in the home be given a thorough cleaning.

Even today we instinctively feel the need to clean in the Spring, as it brings a sense of renewal and new beginnings for many of us.


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